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The highlight of Vietnam so far …

by administrator @ Vietnam Smiling Easyrider

We initially booked only to Dalat but we loved the tour so much we decided on day 3 to extend an extraday. It was awesome and the highlight of Vietnam so far. My girlfriend rode behind Mr. Duc and was very happy with his riding and felt really safe. Mr. Duc has boundless energy, enthusiasm and local connections. I would ...

The REAL Easyriders! | Vietnam travel forum

The REAL Easyriders! | Vietnam travel forum


I am struggling to work out who the real Easyriders are... I have three websites that all look great... : Travelfish Vietnam travel forum

Kommentar zu Guestbook von Hanne theys

by Hanne theys @ Kommentare für Vietnam Smiling Easyrider

We travelled 5 days with mister Duc, from Ninh Binh to Hoi An. Duc came all the way from Nha Trang to the north of Vietnam, just to pick us up! He really is a smiling easyrider, and makes constantly jokes! Never a minute of silence with funny mister Duc. The other 2 easyriders were really friendly and funny as well, so we couldn't hope for better! Duc showed us the most beautiful hidden places, places were white people are Some sort of alien that they only see on tv, incredible how something like that is still possible in our modern times.... Duc always takes time to stop frequently, so you can take photos, and when it's too hot, mister T will bring you refreshments! If you really want an amazing experience, and see Vietnam like you have never seen it before, we recommend mister Duc and his smiling easyriders! Inès, Hanne and Lotte Belgium

Der gesamte Trip war unglaublich!!!

by administrator @ Vietnam Smiling Easyrider

Ursprünglich haben wir nur bis Dalat gebucht und nun sind wir doch bis Mui Ne gefahren … was schon vieles sagt. Selbst ich als Angsthase was Motorradfahren angeht, habe mich jede Sekunde sicher gefühlt. Wir haben soviel erlebt, gesehen und gelacht, so dass wir sogar versucht haben Mr. Duc zu überreden mit uns weiter zu fahren, leider hat er aber ...

It really has been a trip of a lifetime

by administrator @ Vietnam Smiling Easyrider

I couldn’t recommend Mr. Duc more highly. He’s a great rider, very safe and a great guide. BOOK HIM – THE TOUR IS AMAZING Thank you so much Mr. Duc for making our trip so special and so much fun, it really has been a trip of a life time.

Experienced the best journey of our lifes …

by administrator @ Vietnam Smiling Easyrider

Then we met the magnificent Mr. Duc. Three days later we left Nha Trang to experience the best journey of our lifes. We always had fun with Mr. Duc and met great people. If you are thinking about doing this trip or having second thoughts just stop worrying and go for it.

Kommentar zu Guestbook von corinne

by corinne @ Kommentare für Vietnam Smiling Easyrider

Hi Mr Duc! I did a tour with you in April 2011. We went from NhaTrang to Hoi An. To this day this is one of the most amazing things I have done, I hope I get to come back some day. I wish you a lot of success and all the best for your future. Greetings from Switzerland/Australia Corinne

Kommentar zu Guestbook von Linn Luu

by Linn Luu @ Kommentare für Vietnam Smiling Easyrider

Hi Duc! Vi mødte tilfældigt Duc på en bar i Hue. Vi faldt hurtigt i snak over et par øl. Vores førstehåndsindtryk af Duc var, at han var meget imødekommende og en humørspreder, hvilket viste sig at være sandt. Duc tilbød os et gratis lift fra Hue til Hoi An dagen efter vores møde på baren. Han skulle have fragtet hans motorcykler til Hoi An og ville have os til at køre den ene. Efter en lang snak om turen besluttede vi os for at takke ja til tilbuddet, hvilket vi i den grad ikke har fortrudt! Turen fra Hue til Hoi An tog ca. 4 timer med nogle stops og spisepauser. Det var en fantastisk tur, hvor Duc tog os med op i bjergene og stoppede ved nogle gade-køkkener som vi ikke ville have oplevet på egen hånd. Vi var ikke på et eneste tidspunkt utrygge under køreturen på trods af Vietnams vilde trafik. Vi ville have ønsket, at vi havde hørt om Smiling Easyrider og Duc inden vi planlagde vores rejse rundt i Vietnam. Vi er meget taknemlige for at have mødt Duc og har oplevet turen fra Hue til Hoi An på motorcykel fremfor bus, som vi havde planlagt. Vi kan i den grad anbefale Duc som guide. Han er ikke bare en guide, men nu også en god ven. Theiss og Linn - Danmark

Kommentar zu Guestbook von Justin Lund

by Justin Lund @ Kommentare für Vietnam Smiling Easyrider

I was living and backpacking in South East Asia for a year in 2012/13. I did a lot of interesting stuff over there, but the three day tour I did with Duc was certainly one of the best things I did on the trip. Duc took me off the beaten track and up into the mountains where I really got to see a different side of Vietnam. The country side is beautiful and is not touristy at all. Duc had a good sense of humour, spoke good english and had a lot of interesting history and knowledge to share along the way. By the end of the trip I saw Duc as a friend more than a tour guide. I highly recommend an easy rider trip with Duc. Justin Lund Australia

Kommentar zu Guestbook von Frederik Schlie & Fie Vesti

by Frederik Schlie & Fie Vesti @ Kommentare für Vietnam Smiling Easyrider

Dear Duc and Vinh, Thank you for the greatest trip ever - 4 days, 3 nights from Nha Trang to Mui Ne. We had the best time in your company and we learned so much about Vietnam, the people and the history. Besides that it was amazing to experience the Vietnams highland from a motorbike. It was so beautiful that even the rain couldn't ruin it. Haha . Good that you brought a lot of body-condoms!! We are looking forward to visiting you again and take another trip - hopefully soon. And thank you for all the laughs we had together. Funny :) Best regards from the Danes, Frederik and Fie

Mr. Duc is a poster boy for his „guild“

by administrator @ Vietnam Smiling Easyrider

He was highly recommended by other travellers already. Just the best days. We will come back soon. BOOK THE TRIP – DO IT!

Kommentar zu Guestbook von Samer Zouehid

by Samer Zouehid @ Kommentare für Vietnam Smiling Easyrider

I just came back from a tour with Duc. It was one of the best adventures of my life. Duc took me across the Vietnamese countryside and his tour was so thoughtful. He put so much effort into showing me the daily life of Vietnamese that only someone with local knowledge of the culture could do. And as a guide, Duc is brilliant. He has such great energy and loves showing off his country and culture to tourists. He has some of the best phrases I've ever heard. And he just has a great appetite for life. Don't even think twice about booking the tour with him. Do it now!

Kommentar zu Guestbook von Mitch

by Mitch @ Kommentare für Vietnam Smiling Easyrider

Went on the 3 day tour with duc to dalat it was amazing I had the best time it was the highlight of my vietnam holiday as you get to see the real vietnam meet really amazing locals and see how they work and live off the land. We ate some really great and different foods. The views were spectacular even breathtaking I definatly recommend this tour if your thinking about it and have your doubts just go for it duc is the man he's funny witty and most of all safe on the road. Cheers mate!!!

Kommentar zu Guestbook von Julia & Mark

by Julia & Mark @ Kommentare für Vietnam Smiling Easyrider

We met Duc in Nha Trang and talked with him about going on a one day tour to Da Lat. However he convinced us to go on a four day tour to see much more. So we agreed and started our tour in Nha Trang and returned to Nha Trang 4 days later. On our tour we saw so many intersting places and met so many friendly people. We had the chance to see coffee, cacao, curry and rubber tree plantations. Additionally we visited different businesses like a brick stone, a silk, a cashewnut, and a noodle factory. The most amazing part was the roads Duc chose. We enjoyed so fantastic views. The rainforest and the waterfalls were so awesome. Duc is the best guide you can imagine. He is always happy, funny and of course charming and handsome :) Thank you so much for the great tour Duc! I promise the tour is same same but different! Go for it and book Duc! Keep smiling and LANGSAM, LANGSAM! Best wishes, Julia & Mark

Kommentar zu Guestbook von Vaughan and Carol

by Vaughan and Carol @ Kommentare für Vietnam Smiling Easyrider

We decided to go on a 4 day, 3 nights tour with Duc and Mr Lam. Initially we were unsure how good this would be but decided to trust these two charismatic guys. We're so glad we did. We are bikers ourselves so we expected a good tour and good riding. Now, you can ride yourself if you choose, we did for a small part of the tour, but it's better as a passenger because you can see more. Riding is great on the mountain roads but while you're concentrating on the roads (and the potholes) you miss so much of this beautiful country. These guys take you to fantastic places of interest and show you the local culture. Regular stops are made for coffee, toilet breaks, meals etc. The format is once you pay for the tour all you have to pay for after that is your food and drink on the road. Don't worry, this is all low cost, excellent local food and a real experience. Mr Duc must be one of the happiest dudes on the road and, along with the experienced Mr Lam, these guys are THE ONES to tour with. We enjoyed every minute of the tour and saw some fantastic things (I'm not telling you what, go see for yourself) Vaughan and Carol England

One of the greatest things I have done in life

by administrator @ Vietnam Smiling Easyrider

Decided to extend our trip an extra three nights. Just do it, you will NOT regret this! Wishing you all the happiness, sucess and good karma for 2013 MR. Duc; you deserve it!

Kommentar zu Guestbook von tobi y raquel

by tobi y raquel @ Kommentare für Vietnam Smiling Easyrider

We did the three day tour from nha trang to dalat and back to nha trang.on the tour we saw so many things about vietnam we wouldnt have seen without this tour and without duc.he is a super nice and funny guy and knows his country, which he is proud of, so well and will show you amazing things on the way.we had so much fun together and didnt regret we did that three day trip with was a different vietnam then you will see on the normal tourist route.we would definitly recommend going on tour wit duc!only kamm never go!thanks again duc for keep telling us to do the tour with you and show us your country in a really nice way!hope to see you again! tobi and raquel germany

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