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Island-Hopping in Dubrovnik

by Marissa Sutera @ Viator Travel Blog

“I am your captain and this is my espresso,” said the captain as he passed out traditional Croatian rakija, the most common form of domestic alcohol served throughout Croatia, to the passengers on board his ship. “Cheers, salud, Živeli!” And with that we set sail across the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea on the […]

9 Delicious Food Tours on Wheels | The Peak Singapore - Your Guide to The Finer Things in Life

9 Delicious Food Tours on Wheels | The Peak Singapore - Your Guide to The Finer Things in Life

The Peak Singapore - Your Guide to The Finer Things in Life

Whether by bus, bicycle or Segway, this is how you get the inside track on the places where locals eat, from Athens to New York

Horseback Riding in Brazil

by Alex Baackes @ Viator Travel Blog

In a country known for it’s coastline, Paraty is widely regarded as one of Brazil’s most charming beach towns. With a stunningly preserved colonial center, a verdant jungle backdrop and a bay filled with turquoise waters and white sand beaches, it’s a place right out of a postcard. Unfortunately for my travel companion Heather and […]

Playa Del Carmen Food Tour – Discovering Authentic Mexican Flavors

by Viator Travel Team @ Viator Travel Blog

Tex Mex is so delicious; we had been eating it by the bucket load in the United States. But we were now in Mexico and I wanted to further explore the local cuisine. I knew I couldn’t find that on the popular and touristy 5th Avenue in Playa Del Carmen, so I found the Viator […]

An Insider’s Guide to Paris’ Passages Couverts

by Zoe Smith @ Viator Travel Blog

The glittering shop-fronts and designer emporiums of the Champs-Elysées and the world-renowned Galeries Lafayette department store might be top of the itinerary for shoppers in Paris, but some of the city’s most atmospheric shopping arcades are hidden from view down the side streets. Paris’ Passages Couverts (“Covered Passageways” or “Les Arcades”) date back to the […]

An Insider’s Guide to London’s Greenwich Neighborhood

by Zoe Smith @ Viator Travel Blog

A buzzing neighborhood known for its artisanal market, Greenwich is home to one of London’s best royal parks and boasts a rich maritime heritage. Visiting Greenwich is an excellent reason to explore south of the River Thames. Linked to central London by overground train and ferry — and a popular stop on Thames River sightseeing […]

A Taste of Trastevere in a Hidden Roman Villa

by Jennifer Dombrowski @ Viator Travel Blog

Ah, Italy. Red-checked tablecloths, fat candles dripping wax into empty tomato sauce cans. Carafes of red wine. It’s already an obvious fact that dining out in Italy is a memorable event. And if you’re looking for another authentic Roman dining experience, cross the River Tiber to Trastevere, into a historic working class neighborhood that boasts […]

Quiet Time with Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro

by Alex Baackes @ Viator Travel Blog

Visiting Rio de Janiero was on my bucket since before I’d even filled out my first passport application. At the very top of the list? A visit to the famous Christ the Redeemer Statue – an imposing concrete and soapstone statue that soars over 100 feet into the air and whose arm span seems to […]

Vegas, Baby – A New Spin on Sin City

by Catherine Roberts @ Viator Travel Blog

You’re a traveler in search of thrills. Those experiences that get the adrenaline flowing, the blood pumping and of course, boost those hard-earned bragging rights. A good story to tell your friends, and the photos to back it up. You open up your browser and start searching destinations: Climbing Everest? Too dangerous. Surfing the world’s […]

Scratch the Surface: 11 of the World’s Coolest Underground Attractions

by Katie Coakley @ Viator Travel Blog

Though churches, theaters, mountains, and museums are staple attractions when getting to know a new location, a look below the surface can reveal spectacular and little-known sights you probably wouldn’t find on a postcard. From underground churches, gardens, wineries, and music festivals, these top attractions from around the world are definitely worth a trip below […]

Holy, Hot Wheels!

by Mike Richard @ Viator Travel Blog

Hot Wheels cars. Micro Machines. The Hess Truck at Christmas. I have a deep connection to anything with wheels and it started early in life. Just thinking of driving somewhere fast fills me with the kind of adolescent glee associated with snowy Christmas mornings or news of A-ha’s latest album release. So when I learned […]

Inside Look: Lido de Paris “Paris Merveilles” Dinner and Show

by Sasha Heseltine @ Viator Travel Blog

My husband and I didn’t know what to expect from our evening out in one of the most famous nightclubs in Paris. Arriving at the Lido de Paris on the glamorous Champs-Elysées, it was obvious it would be a memorable experience. From dressing nicely to seeing the famous Bluebell Girls and an impressive cabaret show, […]

Sailing in Sydney Harbour

by Erin Bender @ Viator Travel Blog

Whether you live in Sydney or you’re a first-time visitor, you can’t witness the majestic Sydney Harbour without a soulful longing to be out on the water. And when there are one million people lining the harbor to see the world’s biggest fireworks display on New Year’s Eve, the only way to escape the crowds […]

The Top 10 Family Beaches in Europe

by Sasha Heseltine @ Viator Travel Blog

Europe’s beaches are legendary, from the celeb-studded French Riviera to the wilds of the Baltic coastline. There are hundreds of family-oriented choices, from shingle coves to vast sandy strips, but each family comes with its own rulebook and own set of demands. Different age groups have different criteria and so what suits one family won’t […]

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