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What lurks in the Pampas…

What lurks in the Pampas…

by hayleyanddave @ Dave and Hayley's Tour

Upon arrival we met our tour guide, Norvado, at the airport. A young 20 yr old, he was raised in the Pampas and his father had taught him all about the river, the animals and birds. (there are hundreds of species of birds that live along the river, some of which can only be found […]

Cassia Cottage or Beach Club?

by (Olson) @ first timers in Hanoi

We are a married couple in our early sixties and are looking at a week at Phu Quoc Island.

We live in Australia and have travelled extensively throughout the world especially Asia, but never visited Vietnam.

Can anyone recommend one of the above hotels which are number 1 and 2 on trip advisor or are there any other recommendations?

Also, has anyone flown from Perth Australia and if so what route can you recommend?

Any comments will be very useful thanks.

Cassia Cottage or Beach Club?

We stayed at Mango Bay Resort - north of the main town and away from the main drag of hotels. This is an ';eco';resort, very nicely spaced between natural rooms. Have a look at their website, and if you need any further info. do please private message me. We had an amazing and very chilled week there at the end of January.


Cassia Cottage or Beach Club?


I try to give you an idea what is the difference between the 2 hotels.

Cassia Cottage , swimming pool, A/C in a room, but more expensive (the cheapest room from $60鈥?/a> ) than

Beach Club no A/c, no breakfast with a room, no airport pick up, but you could get a beach front bungalow for $28 (this is the April price, in low season you could get it for cheaper price ).

Beach Clus has 4 bungalows, and 6 rooms , Cassia C has 18 rooms, and the bungalows. I think (howewer I have never stayed there ) CC more resort style, but looks very prity on the photos.

It is always depends on what you are looking for, privacy, nice beach without too much tourist, or the opposite one.

Beach Club is on the far end of the Long Beach, a little bit isoleted from the other hotels, while CC in the middle of the tourist resorts.

Because you are in your early sixties , I would recommend CC, if you want to choose between the 2 hotels, maybe CC suits you better than BC . (I chose BC , but I`m just 35 years old, and I do not like big resorts , and I`m sorry but I do not like too much tourist around me, and I like challange :-)) )

But you could check Sea Star or Mango Bay resort,as well, they have a very good review , lots of people recommend them on this forum .

And more info :

Have a nice holiday!


Sorry about some of the spelling mistake, I forgot to check it.

Mango Bay is vastly overrated in my opinion. It%26#39;s basically a wooden hut backpacker resort with an overpriced restaurant attached (nowhere else to eat nearby!) and good branding/marketing. The beach there is nothing special, the rooms aren%26#39;t very clean, the beds are hard, service unremarkable and the restaurant offers little choice. It%26#39;s also a bit out of the way if you plan to do some touring of the island, and you can forget going anywhere else at night.

Not stayed at Cassia, but stayed at Beach Club and I love it. The rooms are way better than those at Mango Bay, and they%26#39;re right on the beach. Plus the service is fantastic and the bar/restaurant has plenty of variety and is reasonably priced.

Have to disagree with the previous Poster - has he or she actually stayed at Mango Bay?

Yes, it is fairly basic, ie no air-con, fridges or phones in the rooms, but we found our fisherman bungalow to be very clean. The rooms are very well spaced out and really the whole ethos of the place is peace and quiet. The restaurant was fine with enough choice, but you could wander towards town and find a few little very interesting places to eat!! and we even found a tiny place next to Bo Resort. And for the more energetic the walk along the beach, around 1 hour, to town was fun, especially when you cut in and wander down the narrow little road parrallel to the sea, very friendly people getting on with their lives and always keen to practice their English!! Or the taxi ride into town was short and cheap and quickly arranged by reception...... We also hired a motor bike from one of the staff and did some great exploring of the island, both north and south. We went to Mango Bay for real peace and quiet which is what we got - so it is really a matter of ';horses for courses'; .......

Yes, I spent 4 days there in December, and yes it was peaceful, but I felt it was way overpriced compared to other resorts on the island, especially the restaurant which is VERY expensive.

we just returned from vietnam and had a 4-day stay at sea star resort, which i give a giant thumbs-up. for $45, we had a nice little bungalow with a great view of the beach, AC, a decent breakfast and a fantastic location. of all the long beach locations, i think sea star has the nicest beach by far--lots of shade, trees and chairs that you can drag around, and they keep it immaculate.

they also have bungalows that are right on the beach, but these have a shared wall, and honestly though we were 30 steps farther from the sand, we loved having more privacy.

the staff couldn%26#39;t have been nicer, and there was a good mix of families, couples, older, younger, etc. a fantastic spot! i%26#39;d stay there again in a heartbeat.


You stayed in Beach Club, can you tell me how far is it from the town by walk ? (I read info on TA,but one said 30 min. the other said 40 min , all right I know it depends on how fast are you , but just about..? )

What else do you suggest to see in Phu Quoc?

( I have already known the list like pearl farm, fish sauce factory etc )

I do not want to go by organised tour, I`m planning to hire a moped, and discover the island myself , Is there any unique places what I should see ? (



Anyway, where is warnerbros ?

You can just about walk into town from Beach Club, I guess it would take around 40 mins.

Plenty to see on PQ - Bai Sao beach, the north-west cape with its fishing villages %26amp; views of Cambodia, take a drive through the rainforest, take a boat cruise/fishing trip, and just rent a bike %26amp; drive around. Beautiful scenery. Go now before they ruin it!


';Go now before they ruin it!';

I hope it is not too late...

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  • Train Trip From Ho chi Minh to HAnoi

    by (swing) @ Getting to Mui Ne Beach

    Has anyone done a train trip from HCM to Hanoi? I would like some suggestions or ideas and the cost?


    Train Trip From Ho chi Minh to HAnoi

    The train is slow and a noisy if you hate the noise. It%26#39;s better to travel half way to Danang to visit Hoi An then again night train to Hanoi. The price is about 1,2 million Vietnam Dong for Saigon to Hanoi on the AC soft sleeper.

    Train Trip From Ho chi Minh to HAnoi

    Dear freddy,

    Travelling by train sounds interesting, you can enjoy our scenery, definitely it will take 30 directly hours to complete the long distance by soft berth, costs around 75$ or hard seats is 38$.

    You have some other ways by jetstar flight, costs about 80$ or open bus for each stops, lower than 55$

    It depends your scheduled time %26amp; budget to carry out.

    Do hope that you can find the best thing,

    Have a nice vacation


    We travelled on the train HCMC to Hue. Best I can say is the toilets in our carriage stayed clean, if paperless. Slept very badly and arrived totally exhausted after over 20 hours on the train. No seats as such, just your bunk with an overhanging bunk; no food either (saw a ';menu'; but no food, and reports are that it%26#39;s not that flash anyway).

    Between Danang (or Hue) and Hanoi, you have the option of the first class Livitrans train carriage on the SE1/SE2 - I paid $43. for Danang-Hanoi. Livitrans is the same company doing Hanoi-Lao Cai/Sapa - the benefit being a Western-standard carriage that is very clean and safe. I believe there is a similar first class train carriage between Saigon and Nha Trang. These are private carriages pulled by the famous Reunification Express trains.

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  • Selective Asia

    by (Olson) @ first timers in Hanoi


    Am going with my husband to Vietnam and Cambodia in March 2009. Have any of you used the travel agent Selective Asia and could you let me know of your experience with them. I have searched on TA but not found anything. Thanks


    Selective Asia

    Hi Kaz

    You would be better off to get it organised over here,so easy and so many travel to choose and compared rate.

    The travel here know better than their oversea counterpart.

    The best part is that you pay in local currency???


    Selective Asia


    I was wondering if you%26#39;d had any feedback on Selective Asia? I%26#39;m thinking of booking with them and similarly can%26#39;t find any reviews.




    I have not had much info on Selective Asia, but we have booked with them and we are flying out on the 12 March. We have dealt with Lionel at SA and he has been very helpful, if you are going to Vietnam later in the year I can let you know how our holiday went.


    Hi Kaz/Denis

    Just picked this string up whilst looking for another holiday review - fear not, they%26#39;re good news! My wife and I travelled with them last year to Vietnam and Laos and had a wonderful holiday from start to finish. Spoke with Lionel a couple of times but dealt mostly with a Nick - very useful guy. Guides were first rate, everything ran like clockwork.

    Very jealous of you both going to Indochina, have a great time!


    Hi Kaz,

    glad to hear that you have booked with Selective Asia. We were going to use them to go to Vietnam/Cambodia but had to postpone it due to %26#39;the credit crunch%26#39;.I am hoping we will be able to go 2010 so will be interested to hear how you get on.

    I have to say that they were very helpful and knowledgable as well as having very competitive rates.

    the crunch is getting to us all isn%26#39;t it - remember it%26#39;s pretty cheap once you%26#39;re there!

    Best of luck with riding the storm


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  • Daytrips,nightlife and excursions in Vietnam

    by (Olson) @ first timers in Hanoi

    Can anyone tell me a little about what Daytrips,nightlife and excursions are available in the various places in vietnam?!

    Would be very greatful

    Daytrips,nightlife and excursions in Vietnam


    There are so many day trips or short excursions in Vietnam.

    - Hanoi- Halong Bay:

    + City tour: half or full day

    + Pagoda tours

    + Handicraft Villages tour

    + Halong bay cruise 1-3 days

    - Sapa: magnificent sight with range of mountains

    + Walking tours

    + Sapa weekend market

    -%26gt; you can trek some local villages, even trek Fansipan mountain with adventure

    - Hue: with half or full day tour visiting tombs of Kings; biking and cruising also

    - Hoi An: with half or full day city tour, visit World heritage site of My Son

    - Nha Trang: famous for its beautiful beaches, it%26#39;s an ideal place to relax and entertain

    - Da Lat: fames on its charming beauty, with a bike, you will have a wonderful trip there, or hiking to mountain with whole sightseeing.

    - Ho Chi Minh city and Mekong tours: a dynamic city will attract you at the first time.

    More reference, you can view at Activetravelshop with all things you need.

    Good luck and have a nice day!

    boutique hotel in Hanoi

    by (Olson) @ first timers in Hanoi


    I will be in hanoi for Christmas this year and would like to book somewhere boutique and luxurious. I dont particilary want to stay in one of the big chain hotels such as the sofitel but would prefer something more quaint and authentic - small, nice furniture etc but luxurious. I would have a budget of around 100 dollars+ a night - does anyone have any recommendations? A lot of places seem very business class orientated or else budget

    boutique hotel in Hanoi

    Guoman hotel, ';Hanoi%26#39;s only boutique hotel';, is around 70-100US depending on the room category. I don%26#39;t know why it%26#39;s called boutique. I stayed there, good location, bad massage.

    About luxury, VN is the wrong place to seek. I did not see any nice furniture at any 4-5* hotels and the Victoria chain. Next time I will stay at small new hotels, forget the misleading name boutique BS.

    Such a waste of money looking for luxury in VN.

    boutique hotel in Hanoi

    Check Church Hotel or Quoc Hoa Hotel in Nha Tho street for your Hanoi accommodation.

    I think these are what you are looking for.

    Good luck.


    DeSoloya, Zephyre and Quoc Hao are also hotels in this catagoery.

    Use the search on this forum with each of these names and you will start to get an idea of the pros and cons of each hotel.



    the Hanoi Boutique hotel is one of the hotel you are looking for, That is a small hotel which located in the Old Quarter. That is a really boutique and luxury hotel with the excellent service, helpful the common rate from 30USD -35USD per night.

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  • Teatro Colon & Tango

    Teatro Colon & Tango

    by hayleyanddave @ Dave and Hayley's Tour

    I have been trying to convince Dave that a city bus tour really isn’t a bad way to do some sightseeing ever since we begun our trip. Today he caved. Our bus with audio guide steered us around the city. There are two bridges in the neighborhood of Boca, the citizens think so highly of […]

    Hotel Advice ??

    by (Olson) @ first timers in Hanoi

    Hiya all......Me and my fiance are planning a trip to Vietnam. I would like to spend a few days visiting some war memorials and then finnish off with a few days romancing and relaxing (Must have clear blue water sea and nice pool for the missus!!!!) Does anyone have any advice on the best hotels, locations etc. We dont mind travelling to a couple of different hotels but would like to stay in the south and have been advised that Phan Thiet is wonderful. Please help. Thank you.

    Hotel Advice ??

    Hi Saf,

    I%26#39;ve returned my Vietnam trip. I stayed at Sealion Resort in Muine, PhanThiet. Very nice resort and pool

    I book thru travel agent in Saigon there are many good sea food restaurant. I enjoyed sea food at Golden Sand res and bar at Sailing Club.

    Hotel Advice ??

    Terracotta resort 4* very good, you can try

    Hi, Mui Ne/Phan Tiet seems to fit the bill, I%26#39;ve stayed at a few places there and enjoyed them all. Full Moon Resort is nice in a laid back sort of a way and the Sailing Club is pretty swish in a more upmarket style. You might want to have a look at Phu Quoc Island too, my favourite beach hang out in Vietnam.

    I choose Blue Ocean in Muine 4stars resorts

    Hi, have visited Mui Ne several times and by far my favourite resort is the Sailing Club. It is very small, private with high quality service and food.

    Agree, I%26#39;ve only stayed there once but Sailing Club would be perfect for what you are after, pool which is only a few steps from the sand, a nice bar and balcony overlooking the beach, great service and nice rooms.

    I%26#39;d guarantee you would not be disappointed.

    We%26#39;ve just been back from MuiNe / Phan Thiet. Its lovely, but ocean is very choppy, making it hard to swim. Very windy - great for kite flying and wind surfing!

    We stayed at White Sands resort. Not recommended, unless you are looking for somewhere out the way and verrry quiet! (See hotel reviews)

    Mui Ne (Phan Thiet) is perfect place. Best to stay at resorts on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Str. i.e. around Blue Ocean, Saigon-Mui Ne resorts area. That is central and you can just walk across the street with line-up restaurants, bars... Most of resorts are private, some recommendations would be Blue Ocean, The Beach, Sunsea Resort, Full Moon, Cham Villas, Sailing club.

    Get yourself to Cham Villas. We have been to Mui Ne many times and stayed at almost all of the hotels (just arrived back) and nowhere else compares. Best location, they even sieve the sand where their sunbeds sit on the beach. Faultless Accommodation.

    Hi Mark

    SAFC supporters here, just got back from the Stoke game so obviously vey happy.

    We have been to Saigon a couple of times and also Phan Thiet, we stayed at the Ocean Dunes and travelled by taxi to Mue Nue most night%26#39;s - very cheap.

    The area is very remote and not much going on, we had a fantastic time though and if we went to the area would only stay at the same hotel, it was a bit out of the way but very very good - we were there for 9 nights which was enough time and we followed that with 5 nights in Pattaya, one extreme to the other but suited us.

    Ancient town offers price cuts to lure visitors

    by (Olson) @ first timers in Hanoi

    Hoi An has tied up with tour companies to offer discounts to visitors to the ancient town, an official said.

    Deputy chairman of the town People’s Committee, Truong Van Bay, said visitors staying at five- and four-star hotels for more than two days between Mar 26 to April 1 will get discounts of 10 to 30 percent on tours, souvenirs, and food at well-known restaurants and do not have to buy entrance tickets at tourist spots.

    Visitors staying in three- and two-star hotels would get 10-20 percent discounts for beauty services and souvenirs as well as free breakfast, he said.

    Mr. Bay promised that the details of the campaign and the names of businesses joining it would be publicized.

    The city tourism authorities plan to run seven more promotions campaigns this year.

    Have fun


    Ancient town offers price cuts to lure visitors

    Thanks for the info Einstein - please do keep us posted on the details.

    Ancient town offers price cuts to lure visitors

    Hi Einstein

    Good new,this would promote more tourist to Hoi An

    Thank you

    Halong Bay in April!

    by (swing) @ Getting to Mui Ne Beach

    Hello, knowing people!

    We are planning to go to Vietnam this April. What kind of weather / visibility we%26#39;ll have in Halong Bay? Does it rains? Fogs? And if the timing is good enough, any recommendations on tour/junk ? We are not on a tight budget, but don%26#39;t want too expensive also... thinking about two nights (may be, one on a boat, one on island).

    Thanks a lot.

    Halong Bay in April!

    Hi,I am from singapore and I have just got back from my Vietnam trip. It was fantastic.Ha Long bay was beautiful and we were lucky with the weather.

    We stayed on the indochina sail, excellent!

    April is beginning of rainy season as I remember our guide told us, but it normally doesn%26#39;t rain all day.

    Two nights for Ha Long is fine, I would stay on the Junk both nights as it is so beautiful.

    Good luck with your tour ahead,I love Viet nam.


    Halong Bay in April!

    The weather is so nice in Halong in April, no rain, no fogs and has sunshine, wish you have a nice trip there.

    There are a lots of nice junk/boat for overnight in Halong, Red Dragon Junk or Lagoon Junk is highly recommended.

    We were in Halong Bay in April 2007. The weather was great - a bit misty, but I gather it%26#39;s always like that. We had no rain and it was warm enough to kayak and swim and sit on the deck at midnight sipping cognac and cocktails! Our vessel was ';Dragon%26#39;s Pearl'; which we thought was wonderful but I gather in the ensuing two years many more luxurious junks have been commissioned. We loved the whole experience but I feel the 2 day/1 night option is the better.

    Misty 50th Reunion After Action Report

    by MB Barrett @ Super Sabre Society

    JOE CARUSO FOR PRESIDENT!  Our former Misty “admin clerk,” Joe Caruso, MSgt USAF (GS-13, ret.) created a dynamite program for our 50th reunion of the Misty F-100 Fast FACs of the Vietnam War. 68 Mistys, and their spouses attended. The Ramada Beach Resort treated us...

    The post Misty 50th Reunion After Action Report appeared first on Super Sabre Society.

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    Vietnam with a 7 year old

    by (Olson) @ first timers in Hanoi


    I am in Hong Kong in early April travelling with my wife and 7 year old daughter, and was thinking of going to Phuket,but have been there quite a lot over the years and was surprised at cost of flights(€750 each) so was thinking of trying Vietnam for a beach holiday.

    I travelled to Ho Chi Minh in late 90%26#39;s but at that time the beach resorts were quite undeveloped.Hoi An sounds like it may be ideal.

    Can somebody recommend a good luxury resort in Hoi An, and as we will be there for about 10 days, not averse to travelling to another resort-any suggestions.

    Any suggestions gratefully received.

    Vietnam with a 7 year old

    Victoria Hoian looks very nice, but I think the Palm Garden Resort is more kids friendly. Also Palm Garden is more affordable, meaning with the same amount of money you can get a better grade of room. You should read more and see how other people review these 2 resorts. Both are right on the beach.…

    Hoi An is very nice, you can%26#39;t go wrong.

    Vietnam with a 7 year old


    I had just got back from vietnam %26amp; stayed in Hoi An for 2 nights at the Palm Garden Resort. We enjoyed our stay there. the room was spacious %26amp; it was right on the beach. The beach was really clean too. If I were to go back, I would stay at the Palm Garden Resort again.

    The most luxury resort in Hoian is The Nam Hai. Please check out their site :

    The cheaper option with good services should be Victoria Hoian Beach Resort.

    Mr Phuoc

    Hotel on beach please

    by (Olson) @ first timers in Hanoi

    Thinking of booking here for next yr. Are there any hotels directly on the beach, if there are can you please let me know which ones they are. Many thanks. Tina

    Hotel on beach please

    In the Nhatrang city:

    + Yasaka saigon nhatrang hotel - 4* which pace on the baech

    or more luxury hotel can stay in Sunrise beach resort (5*) or Ana Mandara resort %26amp; spa (5*)

    + On the island:

    Vinpearland on Hon Tre island

    Good trip!

    Hotel on beach please

    hi, we%26#39;ve just returned from Nha Trang and stayed in the Sunrise Beach Resort, it was directly opposite the beach and was beautiful, we passed the Yassaka everyday and to be honest from the outside it looked a bit of a dump, i could be wrong it might be really nice inside, but myself personally would reccomend the Sunrise..

    Regards mande

    Hello, Last April I stayed at the Sunrise Nha trang for a short break. The hotel was so lovely, checking in was a breeze. The white sheets were bliss...

    The pool was incredible and refreshing. Great for a dip after a hot day touring. The only complaint was that the bar was not open after 8pm , no attendance....

    Maybe this could be a an opportunity to get away from EVERYBODY ! Had the pool to myself after 8pm was very relaxing...

    The service desk was very helpful..Vietnam airline contacted the hotel to say my flight was delay..

    They had endeavour to look for me and pass on the message and help me rebook another flight without charged.

    Can you tell me please - did you like Nha Trang? If so, what did you like most about it?

    Thanks so much,


    My husband and I stayed at both the Sunrise - which is across the road from the beach, and Vinpearl which is right on its own private beach and only a couple of steps from the pool. I loved both of these hotels. Depends on what you are after. The Sunrise is closer to the action while you are more secluded at Vinpearl.

    Skip Nhatrang. It wasn%26#39;t all that nice. They don%26#39;t get nearly as many tourists as some of the more upscale resort towns (Mui Ne, Hoi An), and are a bit jarring to Westerners. We got harassed on the beach constantly, even with a hotel security guard keeping the hawkers away. Just my opinion...

    Hi, My family and I also stayed at a family own mini hotel just opposite the beach. The hotel is called Son Lam, just opposite the five star hotel Ana Maradrin (sp?). The mini hotel has full beach view from the balcony of the 3rd %26amp; 4th floor. The rooms were just $20 AUD each with seperate bathroom and aircond.

    No directly on the beach hotel except for Ana Mandara resort in town or Vin Pearl on the island. Also depend on what you want to pay as these two are expensive. Yes the Sunrise is very nice, of course so much better than the Yasaka because it is also so much more expensive. If you want a beach holiday and party, stay in Nha Trang. Great friendly beach town and full of activities. If you want to relax, hideaway, still on a reasonable budget, think about some resorts outside Nha Trang. Jungle beach is a simple place, which has a limited facility but a wonderful private beach and so much more. White Sand Doc Let is a reasonable place some 40km away is for the hideawayer. Lovely empty beach, fine accommodation, good food. Enjoy. I miss Nha Trang so much.

    Hi just returned from Ana Mandara hotel which is right on the beach. The section of beach directly in front of the hotel is for hotel guests only so you don%26#39;t get hassled by the locals to buy stuff so it is relaxing. If you go do book a bechfront villa as the road noise in Nha Trang is so bad and the garden view villas are beside the wall which runs parallel to the road.

    Domestic fligths - How long in advance ?

    by (swing) @ Getting to Mui Ne Beach

    Hello to everbody,

    maybe you can tell me how long in advance it is necessary to book a domestic fligt. I noticed that the trip from Danang to Saigon takes 23 hours and so I think it is better to go by plane, but I have no idea how busy it is in november.

    It would be great if you can give me an information.

    Best regards


    Domestic fligths - How long in advance ?


    I think you should book righ now if you nmake sure your trip

    VIetnam Airline will increase more than 11 USD for each ticket cause of gas %26amp; oil increasing

    Good luck


    Domestic fligths - How long in advance ?

    Dear Chris

    From Danang to HCM by fly takes 1hours 45Munites



    Can you book domestic flights before you arrive in Vietnam? It seems that the airline requires you to be in the country to book flights between cities in Vietnam. Anyone having other luck?

    I can%26#39;t do it either. My travel agent said it had something to do with the international registration of the airports for the booking system.

    However is is easy to get flights once here. You can do it just hours in advance. Except in the lead up to tet, which has now passed. The other day I booked an internal flight to HCM via an agent in VN about 4 hrs before the plane was leaving.

    Hi There,

    You can book with online - bear in mind, the website is closed this weekend and will re-open on Monday - they are putting in a new system.The fares are very cheap, but, as yet, I don%26#39;t know how reliable they are eg. if they are on time. I would not risk a Jetstar flight, if you want to connect up with another Vietnam Airlines flight.



    And don%26#39;t rely on VN airlines either. Been bumped off their flight on the way to the airport, booked through qantas no less!!

    Happy Veterans Day 2017

    by Win Reither @ Super Sabre Society

    The briefing rooms are empty now, only echoes of flying boots and voices, long ago and far away: “Time hack, 5,4,3,2,1, HACK. Lineup card, I’m lead, #2…3…4. Engine start, 0800, check-in 0810, taxi 0815. Takeoff 0840. Takeoff data’s on the card. Emergency of the day...

    The post Happy Veterans Day 2017 appeared first on Super Sabre Society.

    Help a first-time-traveler in Mui Ne

    by (Olson) @ first timers in Hanoi

    Hi all!

    In Mars are we going to Asia and Mui Ne (Sealion Resort) for the first time and is looking forward to a lovely two week holiday. I麓ve been reading alot in this forum for help and tips but have a few questions I hope you can help me with.

    - How much does lunch and dinner cost?

    - Is there only seafood at the restaurants or does they also serve meat or chicken?

    - How麓s the snorkeling in Mui Ne?

    Thanks in advance


    Help a first-time-traveler in Mui Ne

    hi Magnus

    I don%26#39;t know about snorkeling, but I can help with the meal questions. The restaurants do serve meat and poultry beside seafood. Cost for a good sumptuous meal runs from $15-$40 for 2, with seafood like oyster, crabs and prawn, including beers but not liquor. I guess you can go for much less at local restaurants but the ambiance is no comparison.

    We had a wonderful dinner at Ngoc Suong, a famous restaurant where our table was on the beach in a beautiful setting and it costs us around $40. I highly recommend everybody in Mui Ne to check it out for a romantic special dinner. Too bad their website does not state the price but you can have an idea of what they serve.鈥?/a>

    We also had lunch at Hoa Vien restaurant. It is also very nice with a beach view. And if you%26#39;re a fan of Czech beer, they brew their own on site.


    Another one we visited was the Cay Bang restaurant next to Hoa Vien. The food was good, fresh seafood but the crowd is loud, the facilities not really clean and service is very slow.

    All in all, the food would be good wherever you eat in Mui Ne. You%26#39;ll like it. The highlight of our recent trip was indeed the food.

    Happy planning.

    Help a first-time-traveler in Mui Ne

    Thank you so much for your answer!

    I麓ve written down your recommendations and will try to wisit them once we are there.

    It sounds really great that you can have a sumptuous meal for that amount of money. But can you (or someone else) tell us how much a simple lunch and dinner may cost in Mui Ne? We are trying to figuera out how much money we need to allocate to this vacation.

    And another questions I cant find the answer to, how much does a bottle of water costs?

    / magnus


    I can give you some examples about food cost.

    There are always the very budget small rests

    where you can eat for $10 p.p.

    But for a european standards restaurant:

    Lobster 750000 dong Kg

    Tiger prowns 500000 dong/Kg

    Fish excellent quality 20-400000

    Tuna 300000 - Chicken 300000

    1Euro=23000 dong

    see pictures of fish prices inside my review for

    Terracotta resort

    Good Luck

    For a simple lunch or dinner we chose to eat at the two roadside eateries directly across from SinhCafe%26#39;s Mui Ne resort. They allowed us to choose seafood from the day%26#39;s fresh catch which they prepared for us on the spot. It was very good and the service was beyond friendly. These restaurants lack the upscale atmosphere and beachfront views of their counterparts down the road but the food and service are uniformly excellent. The cost was about 7USD per person including beer.

    weather in June/July

    by (Olson) @ first timers in Hanoi


    Can anyone advise which part of Vietnam is better to visit during this period.

    We are after sightseeing and the beach, and so far are keen on HCMC and Hoi An, due to TA reports.

    Will the weather be okay for southern Vietnam or should we be looking to go north to Hanoi?

    Any recommendations would be appreciated.

    weather in June/July

    It will be hot and humid during that time of the year and also with rain but this time is not with lots of typhoons so if you have time, extend your visit to Hanoi and Halong Bay.

    weather in June/July

    I was there the beginning of July 2008. I think it is a fine time to travel and brushed off what people said about the rainy season. We brought quick drying clothes and water proof shoes and hoped for the best.

    In the North, there was some misting and light rain on and off but it kept us cool. In central Vietnam (Hue and Hoi An), it was extremely hot. We had to modify our itinerary once there so that we were not running around outside mid day. Mornings were fine and it was also fine after 3 or 4. Mid day you will want to be in the pool, in the ocean, eating a long lunch, etc. We only spent 2 days in the South. We had a very heavy rain one day for a couple of hours and the rest of the time was fine.


    asia discovery tours

    by (swing) @ Getting to Mui Ne Beach

    We are looking at doing a tour with Asia Discovery Tours. We normally travel independently and after a guided tour to Egypt can see that the local operators are the ones who make or break the trip. Too much shopping etc. We definitely want an inclusive trip out of Australia so please no hints about the money saved by doing it yourself. The tour I`m looking at is Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Would be grateful for any feedback.

    Vietnam Airlines offers discounts for online customers

    by (Olson) @ first timers in Hanoi

    Hi friends,

    The national air carrier has announced it will cut the prices of all airfares for domestic flights purchased online by 5% from March 1-7.

    Accordingly, passengers who book seats on domestic flights and pay online using the following five types of credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Diner鈥檚 Club and American Express, on Vietnam Airlines鈥?website will enjoy a discount of 5%.

    The airline plans to expand its online payment service to international flights and for passengers who use debit cards and domestic credit cards like Vietcombank Connect24, Techcombank Fast Access, ATM and through SMS.

    Passengers can perform online check-in, change flights and flight days, etc. on Vietnam Airlines鈥?website at

    Have a nice time


    Do This For Your Family…Is your SSS Biography Up To DATE?

    by Win Reither @ Super Sabre Society

    A new guestbook entry on the Misty website by William Jones (son of Glenn Jones, Misty #3), will remind us of how important it is to share our history with our families and the public at large.  “Thanks to all who work to keep this...

    The post Do This For Your Family…Is your SSS Biography Up To DATE? appeared first on Super Sabre Society.

    Very good Hanoi Boutique Hotel

    by (Olson) @ first timers in Hanoi

    Hi kien123

    How much is the room rate and any contact e mail??


    Very good Hanoi Boutique Hotel

    But, if you live in Ha Noi, why were you staying in a hotel? House being renovated perhaps? How kind of you to join TripAdvisor just to tell us about this.

    Very good Hanoi Boutique Hotel

    It%26#39;s unbelievable how many self promoting reviews you can find on Vietnam forums! Nothing ever changes - it%26#39;s always some%26#39;amazing%26#39; budget hotel admired in amazingly bad English:)!

    This guy is definitively a bad Touter. The english message is written in Vietnamese style.

    Stay at his Hanoi Boutique Hotel, book his tours and you will be ripped off , ha ha ha

    It cost 30USD for a double room and please send an E-mail to:


    Hi there

    by (Olson) @ first timers in Hanoi

    I will be in Vietnam for 13 days, visiting north and south.

    Should I take euros or dollars ?

    Can someone tell me the price for the exchange in dongs ? for euros and dollars.

    Thank You

    Hi there

    Take euros, you can easily exchange them at banks and jewellers for VND. If you have an ATM card you can withdraw VND directly. If you take dollars you will have two lots of exchange fees instead of one.

    For exchange rates, try

    Hi there

    I agree with Foodie, that%26#39;s the smartest way.

    Have a good holiday

    Hello, when withdrawing money from an ATM, what denomination is it in? Would I be able to get smaller amounts or would I need to exchange it elsewhere?


    Exchange rate daily change.

    It is around: 1 Usd = 17,400 VND

    1 Euro = 25,000 VND


    Khanh - Vietcrane

    I thought ';If you have an ATM card you can withdraw VND directly'; was a clue that ATMs dispense VND (Viet Namese Dong). Don%26#39;t understand what you mean by ';get smaller amounts'; - you withdraw as much or as little as you want. If you mean ';smaller denomination bills';, I imagine your ATMs at home dispense in one or possibly two denominations and you go from there. Vietnamese ATMs are similar. As I recall we mostly got 100,000VND notes.

    As YorkFoodie says most ATMs in VN dispense 100,000VND notes which is worth about 6USD. This note is accepted almost anywhere and is easily changed into smaller denominations. Some ATM%26#39;s will dispense denominations as small as 20,000VND but you%26#39;ll end up with a pocketful of many many bills. I learned this from experience. On my first visit to Saigon 5 years ago most ATMs dispensed only 50,000VND notes. I wanted to withdraw about 250USD and ended up with (80) 50,000VND notes. Way too much for any wallet. I stuffed every available pocket with money and it was still a struggle. It%26#39;s much easier now with the larger notes.

    Great! that%26#39;s what I wanted to know... what amount is dispensed from the ATMs. I%26#39;ve heard that it can be hard to get small change from vendors so was hoping to have small bills to pay for food, taxis, souvenirs, etc. Getting excited!!

    mr xe

    by (swing) @ Getting to Mui Ne Beach

    What is his address please?

    I have read very mixed views, some not so good and others say he is superb.

    I have previously been happy with Yaly, but with the dollar the way it is, they might be a bit pricey. Also in my previous experience with Yaly, although I was happy with the end result, I had to go back for so many fittings. In some of the clothes you can see where they have been unpicked. I agree with another post that said they make very snug, they do indeed and I am not a big person. Another factor is I am on a tour and will only be in Hoi An 2 days. So I need a tailor that can get it right the first or second time.

    Also recommended is B%26#39;Lan.

    Which is your choice?

    Many Thanks

    mr xe

    Mr Xe%26#39;s address is 71 Nguyen Thai Hoc St, on the corner of Le Loi. I was very happy with what he made for me - he%26#39;s very particular/fussy about the fit, and it is %26#39;snug%26#39;, but you%26#39;ve only got to ask for a bit more room and I%26#39;m sure he%26#39;ll co-operate. I think the problem with tailor-made articles in Vietnam can be the fabric, not so much the sewing ... I think if you go with the attitude that you%26#39;re not going to get a Chanel outfit for $10, then you%26#39;ll be right. Not sure if 1 night would be enough, but ask him. Sorry, I don%26#39;t have any experience with B%26#39;Lan.

    mr xe

    Thank you very much for the address.

    I will be in Hoi An, 2 nights so hopefully I should be able to get something made. I had a coat in mind.

    One way motorbike rental from hoi an to Hue

    by (Olson) @ first timers in Hanoi

    Hi all, having a fantastic time in Vietnam.. I would really like to travel the next leg of my trip from Hoi an to Hue on motorbike. Can someone recomend a place that will do a one way rental... I was thinking of sending the luggage up on taxi to our hotel in Hue. any info would be appreciated.


    One way motorbike rental from hoi an to Hue

    Hmmm, sounds good doesn%26#39;t it, but....

    Your question and similar ones have been asked many times before. The following link answers your question and lists many

    considerations you probably haven%26#39;t thought of. I recommend that you read the posts on both pages.…

    One way motorbike rental from hoi an to Hue

    hi, mixed comments.. I have been riding now for several days in hoi an without any issues.. common sense riding ie slowley and checking all around you. I really do want to experience the route over the hai van pass and would still like to attempt it..

    Are the main routes really that dangerous especially around the pass ? and how long would it take to Hue i was thinking 5hrs or so...

    My idea now was to send the luggage up with my wife in a taxi and follow along on the bike..then get the taxi company to bring the bike back to hoi an.. .anybody done this.. thx

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  • Vietnam tour companies

    by (Olson) @ first timers in Hanoi

    Hello folks,

    We are planning an 8-day tour,in the last week of March, starting in Hanoi and finishing in HCMC. There are two companies we are interested in, both offering similar itineraries, at similar prices,but with a couple of points of difference.

    1. has all accommodation in two star hotels.

    2. Indochina Air Services ( all accommodation in 3-star, and higher stars if you pay more, and the Hanoi to Hue leg is by night train.

    Has anybody experience of either company, good, bad or indifferent?

    All comment and advice welcomed,

    GI Chuck, Dublin, Ireland

    first ever visit

    by (Olson) @ first timers in Hanoi

    my wife and i are visiting for 3 weeks in april where are the best beaches,best nightlife best snorkelling....any advice welcome

    first ever visit

    We spend 3 weeks touring Vietnam from Hanoi to Saigon and the Mekong. We didn%26#39;t do any snorkelling this trip as we have been spoilt by Thailand%26#39;s waters.

    Whatever you do make sure you spend some time in Central Vietnam as Hoi An and Hue are marvellous cities.

    We have some pics and stories of our trip to here... which may prove useful.

    Happy %26amp; safe travels

    first ever visit

    hi all

    Best beaches can be: Nha Trang Bay, Phan thiet beach or Halong Bay with snorkel and 3*/4* hotel or resort



    Keith Ferris F-100 Litho’s Available

    by Win Reither @ Super Sabre Society

    The sales of the the F-100 lithographs thru the SSS website is closed. However, there are still 8 of the Litho’s available. You may contact Keith Ferris at to purchase one.

    The post Keith Ferris F-100 Litho’s Available appeared first on Super Sabre Society.

    Simply Santiago

    Simply Santiago

    by hayleyanddave @ Dave and Hayley's Tour

    Upon check in the receptionist recommended a free guided walking tour which takes place every day. We decided to give this a go to get a better idea of what there was to do in the city. We left wrapped up in jeans and jackets to make a 10am start time at Plaza de Armes. […]

    Hanoi to HCMC

    by (swing) @ Getting to Mui Ne Beach

    Hi all!

    I am thinking of doing a Vietnam trip (Hanoi and HCMC) for about 9-10 days. My plan would be to go to Hanoi first, then to HCMC. If I were to go by air from Hanoi to HCMC, please advise if I should book from singapore, or over there? How much would it cost?

    Hanoi to HCMC

    book it here.Hanoi - hcm should be less tha 1.8 mill dong. $160 sing i think. my last flight a few days ago was 1.8m VN dong HCM - hanoi.

    Hanoi to HCMC

    i see...the only airlines available is vietnam air?

    Is Fansipan closed to tourists at the moment?

    by (Olson) @ first timers in Hanoi

    I%26#39;ve got a trek booked for next week to climb Fansipan, but have just been informed by the travel company that Hoang Lien National Park (and so Fansipan) is closed to tourists. Anyone know if this is true?

    Is Fansipan closed to tourists at the moment?

    This is true, the park management board just issued the ban as there is the potential to fire in the jungle.

    Pu Luong is a good option for some off road hike, this is offered by Active or Footprint travel in town.

    Ho Chi Minh City in April

    by (swing) @ Getting to Mui Ne Beach

    I%26#39;ll be in Ho Chi Minh City for 1st week in April.

    What will the weather be like?


    Ho Chi Minh City in April


    April is a good time to go to Vietnam ---HCMC will be hot and humid-----Hanoi SHOULD be cooler, though one April there years ago , Hanoi had a heat wave. Tourism is starting to fall off then ---Central VN should be stable weatherwise and HOT!

    If it does rain in the north, central and south, the skies drop 3 inches of rain in 20 minutes , then fine again!


    P.S. ---I am not a weather forecaster, but that is my experience every year for the last 10 years!

    The mekong.. Book a tour or do it ourselves?

    by (swing) @ Getting to Mui Ne Beach


    Need a bit of help with our trip.

    We plan on spending 3 nights in the area. Travelling by the express ferry from HCMC to Can Tho.

    Then where to??

    We would like to do a homestay in the area, but do we stay all the nights in Can tho %26amp; do some day trips, book an organised tour?, do a overnight cruise? I am lost.

    When we leave Can Tho we will be flying to Ha noi, flight leaves at 1545.

    Help please, my husband %26amp; I are travelling with our 8yr old son.


    The mekong.. Book a tour or do it ourselves?

    off topic a little but on the river, if you go laos or area with mossies(most of coastal VN) take anti-malaria tabs. A good friend recently spent two weeks in hospital in london because of this! I%26#39;ve done the chinese side(lang cang he) without issues like that.

    Travel to Cambodia

    by (swing) @ Getting to Mui Ne Beach

    I would like to travel from Phu Quoc Is by boat up into Cambodia - I will have my wife and two young children (10 and 7). What%26#39;s the best way to get from the island over to the border crossing to get on a boat? We don%26#39;t want to fly back into HCMC. I need to keep in mind that lengthy bus trips to the border would not be in the best interest of the kids, so if a stopover is required, so be it.


    Phil (Australia)

    Travel to Cambodia

    You can easily go from Ha tien (border) to Phu Quoc.

    Ha Tien is 2hrs drive from Kep and very good road.

    You have a speed boat leaving every morning at 8AM from Ha tien and you will arrive to Phu Quoc at 9.30AM

    Travel to Cambodia

    Thanks John. Much appreciated. I assumed boat and car were the options. It was wishful thinking of a boat straight to Cambodia.

    Any idea of the length of time by vehicle from Rach Gia to Chau Doc (border)? I%26#39;m keeping in mind the two kids might be bit over travelling if the ferry from PQ Is takes five hours. Thanks again.

    We went from PP To phu quoc last June.

    The car trip will take you at least 2 hours, the road is 2 way traffic and quite narrow.

    The fast boat is not much more than a tinny that seats 14? with a canapy over the top I have a photo if you want to PM me and no toilets.

    You do stop at the 2 border crossing and scramble up the banks and there are toilet.

    We came across very heavy rain when we did the trip and it was a litte scarry as visability was 0 and there is a bit of large traffic on the river.

    It was an experience and we did get to see a lot more of the country side.

    I prebooked all of this through Sinhbalo travel and I was glad I did as there was not much English in this region They had a person on the boat from the vietnam border to where we got off the boat who then found our driver for us.He did single us out so I think he was there to look after us. A lot of younger backpackers were on the boat as well and they found this guy very handy to find out what was going on and how to get to there destination.

    Weather at end of Sept. in Can Tho - itinerary suggestions

    by (swing) @ Getting to Mui Ne Beach

    I was thinking about two nights in the Vinh Long-Can Tho area at the end of September. Is this a bad time of year to visit? Would I be better off spending more time elsewhere in Vietnam instead? Do you have any itinerary suggestions? I plan to arrive from HCMC by boat and to arrange for ground transportation once I get there.

    Many thanks.

    Weather at end of Sept. in Can Tho - itinerary suggestions

    Good morning from Jason !

    September is ok for you to visit Can Tho .

    It is great that you will have 2 nights in Mekong Delta

    Here is my suggestion :

    Day 1 : You will go to My Tho city for boat trip and sampan tour, stay overnight at Ba Duc homestay. The house owner will show you how to make Vietnamese springrolls

    Day 2 : You will leave Ba Duc house at 06:00 AM for sunrise Cai Be floating market trip, have a walking tour around local village and you will visit Cai Be mainland market. You will have great fun there. You will explore Cai Be town later after breakfast at Ba Duc home and you will go to other local house for home cooked lunch and then go to Can Tho to check in at Kim Tho hotel

    Day 3 : You will wake up at 05:30 AM, go to Cai Rang floating market at 05:45 AM, arrive there at 06:30 AM, enjoy fresh pineapple. You will admire how the local people cut pineppale. You will go to Cai Rang mainland fish %26amp; rat market. Go back to hotel for breakfast. Take shuttle boat of Phu Sa to visit island for crocodile fishing and playing with monkey at large

    You will go back to Can Tho for lunch at Sao Hom restaurant and head back to Saigon. On the way back to Saigon, you will ask your guide/ car driver to stop at Mekong Rest Stop in My Tho for toilet, for passing monkey bridge, for photos and for coffee

    Best regards

    Jason SSS

    Is there plenty of things to do in vietnam?

    by (Olson) @ first timers in Hanoi

    Hi, I am looking for help from anybody really who has the knowledge!

    Me and my girlfriend plan on holidaying in Vietnam in Janaury 2010 and was wondering if there is plenty to do there?

    We went thailand last year and found it amazing as there was loads to do and see,is vietnam similar,good shopping etc aswell?

    Just worried as we went Jamaica in july and as there isnt an awful lot to do there we found it pretty average!

    Is there plenty of things to do in vietnam?

    I am looking for help from anybody really who has the knowledge!


    Yes VN is as good as Thailand but not as good for shopping. Also less nightlife.

    Is there plenty of things to do in vietnam?

    Horlock, as HongDao has implied, your question is far too vague. What do you mean by %26#39;plenty to do%26#39;? Nobody can answer that without knowledge of what you like to do. Decide on your priorities and then investigate them with the help of the forum search boxes - whatever your questions they will have been asked before and replied to.

    Depends what you want to do. Vietnam is very different from Thailand. We went to Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An and Saigon. And I loved that apart from Saigon there was no sleazy entertainment / night life. Hanoi was great base for going to Halong Bay. we regretted that we didn%26#39;t have time to go to Sapa - it%26#39;s great for trekking and has some beautiful scenery. I enjoyed Hanoi, even if it was a bit crazy. It was fun to explore the communist side - the visit to Ho Chi Minh masoleum was very impressive - you don%26#39;t see preserved bodies every day!!! Hue was great for history sites and we enjoyed our day trip on the Parfume river. Hoi An is great for shopping, cycling to the beach and simply chilling out in nice riverside cafes and restaurants. Hated Saigon - but its war remnants museum was great, and it is good base for Cu Chi tunnels and Mekong delta. I would definitely go back to Vietnam again - there is so much more to see!

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  • Ho Chi Minh, Chu Chi Tunnels, Mekong Delta, Angkor Wat-all?

    by (swing) @ Getting to Mui Ne Beach

    I have about 4.5 days to be around Ho Chi Minh and I%26#39;m trying to figure out the logistics/possibilties of going to the tunnels, doing a boat cruise/overnight stay in the Mekong Delta AND going to Angkor Wat. Is it possible to go to Angkor Wat from HCMC stopping at the Chu Chi tunnels along the way? (Tours don%26#39;t seem to go that way.) Or are the tunnels a day trip, come back to HCMC then go to the Mekong Delta on the way to Angkor Wat? I prefer not to go to PP. Or should I just try and go the boat cruise/tour of Mekong AND tunnels and scratch Angkor Wat cause it be rtoo rushed? (Angkor Wat is lowest priority compared to other 2.) Do roads/boat/travel make doing these things possible? Or, upon getting to HCMC would a tour guide arrange this for me?

    Ho Chi Minh, Chu Chi Tunnels, Mekong Delta, Angkor Wat-all?

    You really don%26#39;t have time for Angkor Wat as well, in 4 1/2 days.

    Cu Chi tunnels are to the north of HCMC, while the Meking Delta is to the south east, probably why the tours don%26#39;t go that way. Cu Chi tunnels would indeed be a day trip, possibly a half day trip if you had a private car and guide, and back into HCMC.

    If you did continue on up the Mekong to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat, you would be rushing about and not really have time to properly see anything. You also wouldn%26#39;t have time to get back to HCMC and would probably need to fly out of PP unless you wanted to go home in a very roundabout way (Air Asia, for instance, flies out of Siem Reap, but only to Malaysia). If you were to return to HCMC from Angkor Wat, you would need the much more expensive multi-entry visa, which for such a flying visit would be hard to justify, IMO.

    Alfred “Fred” Westerberg, Jr. (Colonel, Ret.) Headed West on November 18, 2017

    by MB Barrett @ Super Sabre Society

    Alfred “Fred” Westerberg, Jr. (Colonel, Ret.) Colonel Westerberg started his Air Force career at Luke, AFB in Arizona in 1963. In 1967 Fred joined the New Jersey Air National Guard (NJANG), a relationship that would last until 26 years. His flying career was not limited...

    The post Alfred “Fred” Westerberg, Jr. (Colonel, Ret.) Headed West on November 18, 2017 appeared first on Super Sabre Society.

    Special Places

    by (swing) @ Getting to Mui Ne Beach

    I%26#39;m heading to Vietnam in September for five weeks with wife and two kids (10 and 7). My wife and I have been twice (1989 and 2000) for lengthy backpacking trips. We%26#39;ve covered pretty well everything and wanted to show the kids around. Any ';new'; places that travellers may have stumbled across that would be ';child-friendly'; ? Thanks. Phil.

    Special Places

    Hi Phil

    I dont know whether what places/destinations including in the trip;s better to advise what will you hope to enjoy now or you can give out what not involved before. It%26#39;s easier so that people can give recommendation...

    Special Places

    Hi Phil,

    Five weeks is a long time to stay in one country only, you should combine your visit in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, it will be more interesting. And you can finish your trip by some relaxing days at a nice beach in Vietnam before your flight back home. I suggest you some nice places as below:

    In Vietnam:

    + In North

    - Hanoi 1 day

    - Halong Bay 2 day with 1 night. Stay overnight on boat

    - Tho Ho village 1 day or Duong Lam ancient village - outskirt of Hanoi city.

    + In Centre

    - Dong Hoi, Phong Nha - Ke Bang

    - Hue, Hoi An, Danang

    - Qui Nhon

    + In South

    - Nha Trang, Dalat, Sai Gon, Mekong (some cruise you can join in Mekong to Phnom Penh by cruise Toum Tiou. That is very interesting). Then you can continue to visit in Cambodia with Phnom Penh, Silhaloukville and Siem Reap..., and to Laos with Vientiane, and Luang Prabang and some other nice places.

    Return to Sai Gon at the end of the trip, you can finish the trip at beach in the South of Vietnam such as Phan Thiet, Phu Quoc or Vung Tau.



    Thanks for advice.

    To briefly cover prior trips:-

    northern main places eg Halong, Hanoi,

    all down the east coast by bus and train to Vung Tau

    Khe Sanh



    I was hoping to find some ';new'; beaches or islands. We%26#39;re going to Phu Quoc and then over to Cambodia.

    To give an idea how things may have changed since we first went to Vietnam, when we stayed at Lang Co the only accommodation was an old hut on top of a hill and you could only get to Lang Co on the back of a horse drawn wagon.

    We%26#39;ll be sticking pretty close to the coast line.

    Hopefully that may help. Thanks again for your advice.

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  • Advice please halong bay 1 night cruise

    by (Olson) @ first timers in Hanoi

    Hi All,

    We are travelling to Vietnam end of June and staying in Hanoi for a few nights but would like an overnight stay on Halong Bay. Been looking at websites.

    Has anyone used or know about Halong Travel and the Annum Junk? They seem to have a promotion on and a good price.

    Are they reputable or well known? And would it be safe to book from their website?

    Any advise would be welcomed.



    Advice please halong bay 1 night cruise

    We%26#39;re also looking for a good mid-range overnight Halong Bay trip, with plans to sleep on the ship. Recommendations?

    Any advice about booking online versus going through hotel front desk?

    Advice please halong bay 1 night cruise

    My preference would be to book once you arrive in Hanoi. Most front desks have a booking office with pictures of the boat etc. Also you can chat with returning guests as they arrive back at the hotel to gauge their views on the trip.

    We have pics and stories of our trip here... which may assist.

    Happy %26amp; safe travels


    Vietcrane travel have big promotion with Huong Hai junk

    For more information, find Vietcrane on the internet



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  • September weather in Hoi An

    by (Olson) @ first timers in Hanoi


    my husband and i will be in hoi an september 09, i have just read it is the wet season in september,has anyone been in hoi an during september? i know it%26#39;s impossible to predict the exact extent of rain, but can you give me an idea of what we should expect? how many hours per day? heavy downpours?

    thank you

    September weather in Hoi An

    Hi Yowslett,

    I am a local Hoianese, so sure September is NOT the wet season in Hoian.

    The rainy season starts from the begining of Oct and lasts for 03 or 04 months. Normally, November is the worst month when there are always heavy rain and floods.

    Don%26#39;t worry so much about the weather - Have fun in Hoian

    Mr Phuoc

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  • Perfect Itinerary? Please check :)

    by (swing) @ Getting to Mui Ne Beach

    I am doing my research in the forum. I have about 12-15 days to go to Vietnam the beginning of May. Going to Sapa and Halong seems to have me in and out of Hanoi. Does this make sense. Since I am so close to Cambodia it is tempting to go for a couple days, BUT thinking of saving it for another trip. Here is what I thinking:

    DAY 1-LAX- Singapore. One night in Singapore to break

    flights up

    Day 2- Singapore to Hanoi. Arrive mid day. Metrople

    Day 3- Hanoi- Sofitel Metrople

    Day 4- Leave Hanoi at night to Sapa. Victoria Train

    Day 5- Sapa- either Victoria Sapa RESORT or Homestay

    Day 6- Sapa- night train to Hanoi

    Day 7- arrive Hanoi 6am. Overnight Sofitel Metrople

    Day 8- Leave Hanoi morning for Halong Bay ship.

    Valentine (Indochina Sails) or Emeraude

    Day 9. Arrive Back in Hanoi- overnight again?

    Day 10- Leave Hanoi morning to Hue-need a nice hotel

    Day 11-Hue-Hoi An- or a 2nd night in Hue?

    Day 12- Hoi An- nice hotel but not Nam Hai probably

    too high

    Day 13- Hoi An

    Day 14- Hoi An

    Day 15- Hoi An to Hanoi- overnight again for morning flight next day to LAX via Singapore.

    I appreciate the help! I using mileage and have always wanted to fly Singapore Airlines. I can go First Class through Japan with less miles than the ALL Business non-stop flight from LAX. I hope saving Siem Reap is a good idea for another time.

    Perfect Itinerary? Please check :)

    Dear Mr RManning,

    Your Itinerary as I think seem quite good. Here%26#39;s my offer for some accomodation in Hoi An, Hue

    * Hue

    1. La Residence hotel 4*

    Rate: usd 145/double superior river view room/night (incl tax %26amp; breakfast)

    2. Imperial hotel Hue 4.5*

    Rate: usd 135/deluxe double riverview room/night (incl tax %26amp; breakfast)

    * Hoi An:

    1. Life resort 4*; for someone like the river than beach

    Rate: usd 120/superior garden view/night

    2. Victoria hoi an 4*

    Rate: usd 130/sup riverview or seaside double room (incl tax %26amp; breakfast)

    usd 180/double beach front/night

    3. Palm garden resort 5*

    Rate: usd 109/sup seaview double/night


    Hope this is helpful for you

    Linh (ms)

    Perfect Itinerary? Please check :)

    Your itinerary is perfect, well balanced in places and not too much packing for places so save Cambodia for next trip as it%26#39;s still there.

    Looks pretty good to me :-)

    I%26#39;d be tempted to spend the second night in Hue so you can get a decent look around.

    Have a look at the hotel reviews for help re hotels; we found that tariff isn%26#39;t necessarily a good guide- we had a perfectly nice room in Hue, about 3* (more than that is tinsel we don%26#39;t use anyway) for $15/double, breakfast included. And we loved the Ha An in Hoi An.

    what the..

    my itinerary would be:

    sing - orchid towers. two days at least...every taxi driver knows it!!

    hanoi -- go to the floating bars...

    halong bay - cut the travel and go to king disco in haiphong. recover in war memorial park, weather is warming up - or stay in halong city. The travel is a killer.street beer is 3000 dong a schooner in haiphong. get absolutely wasted for 3 euro... 5 euro call an ambulance..spend the day in a trance.

    Skip hanoi, travel to Hue from haiphong - 8 to 10 hrs by car.

    From hue, da nang/hoi an just over two hours. see marble mt in Da Nang. hoi an sleepy but nice - travel to Da nang for action(zzz)

    fly danang hanoi. back to floating bars..leave next day with good memories!

    have fun!

    Sorry, forgot to add - the tarriffs above are really high. I stay IC usually and in hanoi with club exec room (free cocktails and food for a few hours) it was 210USD ++ it is a seriuosly good hotel, Absolutely the best IC hotel i have stayed in!it is so far beyond the hotels mentioned above i cant believ what they are charging. stayed in deluxe suite, bosan hotel, hanoi 80 usd with bkfast. it is also very good, suprising for the price.

    Thank you so kindly for your response and your suggestions. The Imperial Hotel in Hue looks great.

    I was wondering if you know if it was possible to arrive from Sapa via the train at 6am in the morning and then take the shuttles that leave Hanoi at around 8am to meet the Halong Bay ships? I was going to spend the night in Hanoi and then leave the following morning, but if this is doable I would pefer this.


    Thank you so kindly for your response.

    I was wondering if you know if it was possible to arrive from Sapa via the train at 6am in the morning and then take the shuttles that leave Hanoi at around 8am to meet the Halong Bay ships? I was going to spend the night in Hanoi and then leave the following morning, but if this is doable I would pefer this.


    Thank you so kindly for your response and your suggestions. The Hu An hotel in Hoi An looks great.

    I was wondering if you know if it was possible to arrive from Sapa via the train at 6am in the morning and then take the shuttles that leave Hanoi at around 8am to meet the Halong Bay ships? I was going to spend the night in Hanoi and then leave the following morning, but if this is doable I would pefer this.


    Thanks for you response. The IC does look nice and might be a good choice in Hanoi.

    I can%26#39;t see why you couldn%26#39;t go from the Lao Cai train to the Ha Long Bay shuttles. The train gets in around 4.30am-5am, depending on which one you are on, and the station is only about 5 minutes by taxi to the Old Quarter.

    My suggestion:

    Baggage space in the train and the junk will be limited, so pack a small bag and leave the rest of your luggage with the nice people at the Sofitel Metropole. Hotels in VN are generally very obliging about keeping luggage at no charge. When you get back from Sa Pa, head for the hotel, have a shower (none on the train) and possibly repack your bag with clean clothes for Ha Long Bay. Our hotel had a bathroom for the use of guests who weren%26#39;t staying overnight, the Metropole may have the same. Get picked up by the shuttle and off you go :-)

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  • HCM in 2 1/2 days

    by (swing) @ Getting to Mui Ne Beach

    We only have 2 1/2 days in HCM Feb 13-15. We are booked at Lavender Hotel across Ben Tanh Market, where we arrive mid afternoon on Feb 13.

    We will go on the usual city tour (which is part of our tour package) on the morning of Feb 14. What places could we visit outside of the usual tour circuit in the afternoon?

    We plan to visit the Cu Chi Tunnel on Feb 15. Is there any place you can recommend we go after the Cu Chi Tunnel? Is it good to combine Cu Chi with Mekong River?

    Thanks for ur help in planning our HCM sojourn.

    Vietnam to Cambodia via Mekong Delta | Jason Super Star Service

    Vietnam to Cambodia via Mekong Delta | Jason Super Star Service


    After spending 2 weeks in Vietnam it was time for us to head to Cambodia, we were sad to be leaving Vietnam (although pleased to be departing HCMC) but also excited to see what Cambodia had on offe…

    1 or 2 day trip to mekong

    by (Olson) @ first timers in Hanoi

    the wife and I are in Hoi An at the moment and we plan to go to mekong on sunday for a 1 day tour or 2 day tour with sin cafe, has anyone done either of the tours is it a lot better to go 2 days rather than 1

    1 or 2 day trip to mekong

    Here is the link for Mekong Delta Tours by Sinh Cafe.

    Hope you will find a suitable one for yourselves

    Mr Phuoc

    P.s : Make sure you will go with the REAL Sinh Cafe

    Add :246 - 248 De Tham St., Dist. 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    Tel: (84-8) 3838 9593 - 3838 9597 / Fax: (84-8) 3836 9322, Email:

    1 or 2 day trip to mekong

    Hi Artattack,

    I think if you have enought time u should take Mekong delta tour 2d/1n( homestay) that better .

    Bus from Hanoi to Nanning and Guilin, China

    by (Olson) @ first timers in Hanoi

    In June 2007, we took a bus from Hanoi to Nanning China and on to Guilin. The bus ticket is sold by Kim Lien Travel at No.7-Dao Duy Anh Str.-Dong Da Dist-Hanoi Tel: 84-4-5770809, or 5770434 and costs about US$16. The travel agency is located in Kim Lien Hotel at the same address. You need to buy the ticket at least 1-2 days ahead because the daily bus often is full. The bus departs Hanoi at 8:30am in front of the travel agency every morning and arrives Nanning around 3-4 pm. Bus is comfortable and road is good, mostly freeway with some 2 lane country road. All paved and smooth. From Hanoi to the China border takes about 2-3 hrs, passing thru beautiful paddy fields and mountain scenery. We had a 20 min lunch stop on the way before we arrived at the border where we gathered our bags to get exit stamps from Vietnamese immigration. The Vietnamese immigration was chaotic. There were no lines and everyone was trying to get to the front of the window. We had to elbow our way thru or else we would never leave Vietnam. After almost an hr, we finally entered China thru the Friendship Gate. The chinese immigration is modern, orderly and efficient. There were golf carts from the bus company waiting to take passengers to a connecting bus in a parking lot a short distance away (you can walk or pay $10 chinese dollar for the golf cart ride. I recommend paying the $10 if you have heavy bags). The bus to Nanning was again modern and comfortable. It is all freeway from the border to Nanning with modern rest stops along the way. The scenery was beautiful with karst and paddy fields. We arrived in Nanning bus terminal around 3-4pm at the modern Lane East Bus Terminal. There is a 3 star hotel right next to the bus terminal, cost is $100 Yuan/room. We stayed at the hotel for one night, toured Nanning the next day before we caught another bus to Guilin. The ticketing office is on the second floor of the bus station and they have buses leaving for Guilin almost hourly. All in all, the bus trip was pleasant, comfortable and a great way to enter China. Hope this helps.

    Bus from Hanoi to Nanning and Guilin, China

    You forgot to mention that they also provide water and, on the Chinese side, canned food snacks.

    Also that the VietNam bus stops at the border and turns around and passengers transfer to a new bus in China after a loooong walk between border posts.

    The VietNam / China border has been re-aligned which is the reason there is so much distance between the posts.

    Bus from Hanoi to Nanning and Guilin, China

    Hi Npt,

    Thanks for your post.

    We couldn%26#39;t do this trip last year as we didn%26#39;t have visas.

    We thought they would have issued for us at the border gate but they said we had to go back to Lang Son to apply for visas.


    I forgot to mention that we got our China visa in Hanoi. Takes 2-3 working days. You cannot get China visa at the border.

    How much was that for the visa, please?

    I saw in some websites US$40 and 45 offered by agents.



    I am looking for the bus schedule from Nanning to Hanoi. Has anyone taken this bus back to Hanoi? Where is the pick up location? Do they also pick up at Nanning train station? I emailed to Kim Lien hotel at and got a reply from an unfamiliar Tour Operator. He quoted me 56US from Nam Ninh Station to Hanoi. Not sure he read my request correctly. Is Nam Ninh in Vietnamese language as same as Nanning? The bus fare should be the same each direction?

    NANNING %26gt;%26gt; HA NOI

    Since the NanNing LangDong Bus Station is *always* very crowded the best option is to board the bus to the VietNam border at the NAN FANG HOTEL %26lt;鈥?/a> %26gt;, 76 ChaoYang Road, NanNing, GuangXi Province, 530011 where it is the ONLY bus at 07.00H each day!

    The hotel is about 300 metres from the railway station. BUS #8 (for routes see %26lt;鈥?/a> %26gt;), from downtown (MinZu DaDao Avenue and ChaoYang Road)(Walmart), stops outside the Nan Fang Hotel. Map: %26lt; %26gt;.

    You must be in possession of a Vietnamese visa. These can be obtained from: The Consul of VietNam, GuangXi Investment Building/Floor 3, 109 Minzu Dadao, NanNing, GuangXi Zhuang Auto Region 530000. Tel: +86-(0)-138-7710-0849 (Call first). The office is on Bus route #6.

    Ticket purchase is necessary BEFORE the day of travel. The reservation office is easy to find after you have located the Nan Fang Hotel. It is located on the far side of the road that intersects with ChaoYang Road to the LEFT of the hotel. It is signed with Ticket office of the Lang Dong Bus Station (on a red background). It opens at 08.00H (after the bus departs) and is the ONLY office that sells tickets for the bus at the hotel. Only Chinese is spoken.

    The bus departs promptly and picks up other passengers at NanNing LangDong Bus Station after which it departs for the border with refreshments provided.

    The tedious border procedures are repeated and the Vietnamese bus awaits in the south car park and following a 130-kilometre, 3-4 hour journey you are delivered to the Kim Lien Hotel.

    thanks darlek ,

    The night train arrives Nanning at 7am, how do I pre-book the ticket? Any suggestion?

    Hi! Does anyone know if it%26#39;s possible to travel from Hanoi to Yangshuo within one day?

    I%26#39;m not keen on staying overnight at Nanning and was thinking of getting a bus ticket to Guilin immediately upon arrival at Nanning, but I don%26#39;t know if that%26#39;s possible.

    Also, is there a direct sleeper coach service from Nanning to yangshuo? Or do I have to go through Guilin and catch the connector service?

    hi explorerSingapore


    for info to Yangshou

    thank you very much for the posting,

    I%26#39;ll travel to Hanoi - Halong Bay and Sapa.

    Then from Hanoi want to go to China, Guilin - Yangzhou - xi an - beijing and HK

    So, searching for informations for my trip.

    Your info is very clear, and hope is helpful.



    visa into laos?

    by (swing) @ Getting to Mui Ne Beach


    looking for any info anyone has about obtaining a visa for laos coming overland from vietnam?? Heard today that there has been some tension between the 2 countries and that we should get visa before departing vietnam, that visa on arrival is difficult if not impossible?? if anyone has done recently was there a decent way to travel from hanoi?? Keenly waiting for reply... cheers:)

    visa into laos?

    me too. I am looking to go from hanoi to laos for a weekend. Not heard of the tensions but wondering where in hanoi to get a visa and how long it takes.

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  • Motorbike guide Quy in Hue

    by (Olson) @ first timers in Hanoi

    My Motorbike ride with Quy from Hue: Day 2-Feb 23, 2009

    What a great time with Quy in Hue for 3 days. The first and third day were kind of half days with the 2nd day a full one and one of the best overall days of traveling I have had in a long time. I will start my 3 day report with my 2nd day as it was such a great time; I want to write about it first.

    Maybe a long report so up to you if you want to know about Quy, a great motorbike guide in Hue and about the places we visited. First off he met me for a few hours 4 days before we actually got together. In this meeting I told him what I wanted to do, having no clue about what it would take. He explained that my itinerary was way to extensive and said he would work on a schedule based on what I wanted to see. Well after our first day together and finishing up at 6pm he said he was willing to do what I first suggested but that we would have to get started at 5:30 am and that it would be a long day and not plan on getting back until late. I said. Great! I say all of the above to explain on how accommodating Quy is and if he feels something can be done, that he is willing to go the extra mile.

    Brief history. I rented my own Motorbike in Da Nang and rode the 3 hours up to Hue via the Hai Van Pass so I had my own bike and Quy had his. I have ridden in Asia (Cambodia, Thailand and Bali) and felt comfortable doing so.

    I had no idea what we were about to do. The wildest/craziest ride of my life took place at the end of day with a 2 陆 motorbike ride from the Vinh Moc Tunnels back to Hue at night. I start our adventure at the end because I want to apologize to Quy for putting him up to doing this ride. He said he rides his bike on Highway 1A all the time but I was awestruck that anyone on a motorbike would do what we did. To get a picture of this, think of this:

    1: Picture only one road in your State/Country going N/S or E/W.

    2: It is only a 2 lane highway with a one meter brake down lane on each side.

    3: Picture every truck, bus, tour car/bus, private car, motorbike, bicycle, person walking between towns, buffalo and other animals using this highway

    4: Picture that there are very few traffic laws and that passing at will is allowed (mostly by the biggest of trucks and busses.

    5: The rule of the road is, the biggest Wins!

    There were many times when we would have a bus passing another vehicle and barrel down our lane, the opposite way at 60 miles per hour only giving us the one meter brake down lane to ride in, to go in our direction (all of this at night with very few lights on the road). Why do I mention this above? It is so others will listen when the tour guide says it might be tough to do, then listen to him. Besides that, now that I am here writing this it was an amazing experience. Not the brightest but still an exhilarating one. I could have at any time requested that we stop and had our bikes put on a truck and had a ride back to Hue.

    Ok, the trip. Every place he to took me to was incredible in its own right. Part Vietnam Kingdom and part War history.

    1-Long Huang Church. A small ancient church that was just about completely destroyed in the war with the US. Just sitting inside and thinking of what happened here was hard to imagine.

    2-Quang Tri the Old Citadel. A quite large old Citadel that was occupied by the US forces that was the stage for an eighty one day 24/7 battle between the US and S. Vietnam armed forces against the N. Vietnam forces. Again hard to imagine what took place.

    3-Then we went to Khe Sanh via Highway 9. This ride alone was worth the trip. Highway 9 is a beautiful road that constantly winds through a river valley with a mountain side on one and a river and another mountain range on the other with small villages along the way. I am sure a great ride by any means but to be on my own motorbike and do this ride was like riding one of the great roads anywhere. Perfect for a motorcycle enthusiast!

    4-The Rockpile: Nothing to see from the highway but the mountain itself. Still this was very beautiful with river and mountain views.

    5-Khe Sanh: This was a key US military base in the mountains that saw some of the heaviest fighting of the Vietnam War. Hard to fathom what both sides went through here.

    6-Ride up to the DMZ via a small part of the HCM trail.

    7-A very scenic ride over to the Vinh Moc Tunnels. I did not get to see the Cu Chi tunnels in HCMC/Saigon but these tunnels were amazing to see. Three levels of tunnels ranging from 11 to 23 meters deep. You start on the top tier and work your way down. Other tour groups seemed to miss a lot of the tunnels but Quy took me to all that there was to see. All the chambers (living areas, meeting rooms, medical area, kitchen, maternity ward, toilets and other chambers and passage ways. All of this on a beautiful beach.

    8-Then with still a little daylight we had a stunning ride along the coast for about 20 km.

    9-Then our night drive down the main Highway 1A.

    With all of this I was constantly stopping to take pictures and movies at just about every scenic view I saw, adding so much time to our trip which also included us stopping at will for drinks and food. Overall we rode just under 400 km in 15 hours returning to my hotel in Hue at about 8:30pm.

    Quy was amazing at all points. At every location he gave a great history of each in great English. 戮 of the way to Khe Sanh in the mountains my motorbike broke down (I did not get it from him, but on my own in Da Nang: Next time I will get it from him) and he had it fixed in 20 min at a local bike shop.

    I am sure there are a lot of guides out there but working with Quy was an experience I will never forget and am already planning on a 6 or 7 day trip with him from Hue to Dalat next year. This trip from what I have heard from discussion with Quy and other tourist that have done it, is the ride to do if you have the time. Until my time with Quy I was not even considering this ride but will make it a point to do so with him when I can in the next year.

    Could go on but will stop. Motor biking whether on your own bike with Quy as a guide or with Quy and his co workers on their bike which is what most people do, is in my opinion the best way to see Vietnam. Try it if you can even if just for one day.

    If you wish to contact Quy, you can do so at:

    Thanks Quy!


    Motorbike guide Quy in Hue

    Very interesting posting. I%26#39;ve been to all the places you mention (some more than once or twice) and would certainly concur with your views. The Vinh Moc Tunnel complex is really great as it is not overrun with tour groups like the Cu Chi Tunnels.

    I found your description of traveling by motor at night to be right on the mark. I read where Vietnam has 1000+ traffic fatalities a month and most take place between seven at night and one in the morning and are caused by speed and driving on the wrong side of the road. While traffic in Saigon and Hanoi is really, really heavy, at least no one can drive very fast. Outside the big cities the Traffic Police (the guys in the yellowish uniforms) stop working no later than six at night. In their own corrupt way they do some what slow down traffic with their speed traps, radar and check points. (My driver friend in Hoi an got caught with radar doing 70kph in a 45 zone and it cost him 2 million VND). After they finish for the day all the unlicensed truck and buses hit the road and go as fast and as far as they can before the check points start up again. Two years ago I stayed over night in Dong Ha near the intersection of Highway 9 and Highway 1. The truck traffic was like the Ho Chi Minh Trail through Laos during the war. Every bit as bad as you described if not worse. In April I%26#39;ll make my 10th trip in the last five years and I make it a point not to travel at night. I really wonder about the overnight bus rides that compete with truck traffic (and unlicensed/unregulate buses). Also along lesser travelled roads like Highway 14 along the Lao border or Highway 1 between like Quy Nhon and Tam Ky you have all kinds of animals and live stock that wander across the road. Of course there is no street lighting of any kind and lots of animals sleep on the roadway. The trip from Hue to Dalat is great, although I have not done it on a motor. Very little traffic along the Lao Border and beautiful scenery. Lodging is pretty basic along Highway 14 until you get to places like Kon Tum and Pleiku. I will contact Quy and make some arrangements to tour around Quang Tri City and the area west of Hue. On the back of a motor with a local guide is certainly the best way to see things.

    Mendoza and bus rides

    Mendoza and bus rides

    by hayleyanddave @ Dave and Hayley's Tour

    Nothing was on the agenda today except a little exploring around Mendoza. Our hotel was practically in the middle of the cities four main squares but, to start, as recommended by our B&B, we decided to hop on a bus to get a feel for the place. An hour later we arrived at the bus […]

    SSS Member Col Williard S. Gideon, Former Vietnam POW Headed West

    by Win Reither @ Super Sabre Society

    SSS member Colonel Willard Selleck Gideon, 85, of Mt. Pleasant, widower of Jeannine H. Gideon headed west on October 10, 2016. Burial will be held at a later date at Arlington National Cemetery.  He was born on June 3, 1931 in Takoma Park, MD, son...

    The post SSS Member Col Williard S. Gideon, Former Vietnam POW Headed West appeared first on Super Sabre Society.

    Halong Bay cruise - reasonable luxury and price

    by (swing) @ Getting to Mui Ne Beach

    Hi, everybody!

    I%26#39;m seeking 2 nights (3 days) cruise (from Hanoi) and asking for advice:

    I want to spend a cruise comfortable but not asking for especial ';luxury'; (no tuxedo for waiters). I also don%26#39;t want to spend a fortune on that (crisis, you know...). So:

    - how much is supposed to cost for person?(we are 2)?

    - is it better to book in advance(say, internet)?

    - any recommendations (company, junk etc.)


    Halong Bay cruise - reasonable luxury and price

    - Lagoon Explorer junk is one option for your reference.

    - Booking the service in advance is professional way to travel.

    - Halong Junk Cruise is my recommendation for your trip.

    Halong Bay cruise - reasonable luxury and price

    There are so many offers but Red Dragon is recommended, think that Footprint has a better rate on this junk.

    I %26#39;ve booked Pinta Cruise through their website for 2 of us. The price is US$209/p for 03 Days 2 nights, A friend recommended me to cruise with them and better to book directly.

    You should try at


    F-100 Pilot Hayden Lockhart – The First USAF Vietnam POW

    by Super Sabre Society @ Super Sabre Society

    Our newest SSS member, Lieutenant Hayden J. Lockhart, was the first USAF Pilot to be shot down and captured during the Vietnam War. He was shot down March 2, 1965, while flying an F-100 Super Sabre with the 613th Tactical Fighter Squadron on flak suppression...

    The post F-100 Pilot Hayden Lockhart – The First USAF Vietnam POW appeared first on Super Sabre Society.

    Sim Cards

    by (Olson) @ first timers in Hanoi

    I will be arriving in Hanoi March 9 then travelling to Sapa before working my way down to Saigon.

    What would be the best telecommunications company and where would be the best place to purchase a Sim Card shortly after arrival in Hanoi?

    Thanking you


    Sim Cards

    Sapa is a mountainous area. So the best Sim Card you should use is Viettel Mobile. You can buy it in any Phone card shop in Vietnam. Price is about 50.000 VND (about 3USD)/sim card. You will have 160.000VND (about 10USD) in your mobile account.

    Sim Cards

    Thanks a lot Hankim for that information, I take it that this Sim card would be OK throughout Vietnam...North to South.

    Thanks...Vinaphone has been mentioned in other posts which company would be the best??

    Hi mimasaloi.

    There are alot of telecommunication companies in Vietnam, such as: Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobilphone, EVN, Sfone. But Viettel has more than 60% mobile comminication market. Because Viettel has the strong wave (you can use it in moutainous area or on the sea from N to S). Moreover, Viettel is cheapest in these company.

    Last year, my class went to Ta Phin (a small vilage of Sapa). We could%26#39;t use the other simcard except Viettel. I think you should choose it.


    Viettel Sim: 3.2 Usd/sim. Account: 9.2 Usd

    You can by some post office some tele shop


    KHanh - Vietcrane

    Thankyou very much for that re-assuring information and taking the time out to be of assistance.

    I understand that Vietell is owned by the army so that in itself one hopes would be re-asssuring also.

    Thanks and thanks again.


    73years old this year

    Does anyone know what code I need to use to phone Australia from Vietnam ?

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  • Mekong Delta with “Crazy Girl”

    Mekong Delta with “Crazy Girl”

    Dave and Hayley's Tour

    One of our reasons for going up Vietnam was so we could catch a glimpse of the Mekong Delta and the lives of those that live on it. We did our usual trip advisor work in trying to find a unique, ye…

    Hanoi in April

    by (swing) @ Getting to Mui Ne Beach

    I%26#39;ll be in Hanoi the first week of April.

    What will the weather be like?

    Will it be warm enough to go swimming in HaLong Bay?


    Hanoi in April

    The weather is nice in the first week of April, it is suitable for your trip to Halong bay and to go swimming.

    Hanoi in April

    First week of April is still sort of cool, it%26#39;ll be still at about 25 - 30 Dc.

    Bambu to join Pho Saigon Vietnamese Noodle House in new Pearland center

    Bambu to join Pho Saigon Vietnamese Noodle House in new Pearland center

    Midland Daily News

    Bambu, a Vietnamese drink and dessert shop, has signed up as a tenant in Kirby Commons, a retail center scheduled to open at 11609 W. Broadway Boulevard in Pearland in March. Bambu has leased 1,800 square feet for its 10th location in the Houston area, according to NAI Partners.

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