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Best Highlights of Vietnam & Myanmar Tour

by Viet Long @ Vietnam Tours, Indochina Tours to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand

This 17-day Best Highlights of Vietnam & Myanmar Tour brings you a chance to explore famous travel attractions of Halong bay, Hanoi, Hoi An, Mekong, Bagan, Inle, Yangon, Mandalay to know more about authentic cultures, traditions and landscapes of each country

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Vietnam Cookery Center

by Thái Sơn Phan @ Hynos Travel » Saigon

Vietnam Cookery Center is located on Dong Khoi in central Ho Chi Minh City, a 12-minute walk from the riverfront. Classes happen every day, twice a day. The price for a morning class with the market visit is $39 per person. For morning classes without the market visit, or afternoon classes, the cost is $34 per person.

3 day Dragon Legend Cruise Halong Bay

by admin @ Saigon Travel – Vietnam holiday, tailor-made & small group holidays Vietnam

The most amazing 2 nights on a quiet part of Bai Tu Long Bay to enjoy stunning beauty, hidden from the world. Following concept of Indochina Junk Company, Dragon Legend cruise offers trip to Bai Tu Long Bay in the less touristy area, the itinerary has been researched to extremely off the beaten track. Three […]

Bed Bugs at Sansuk Sauna Guest House! Help!

by @ Gaythailand Forum

Hi everyone,

A topic I wish I wasn't discussing but wondered if anyone has had similar experiences and could offer any advice.

I flew into Thailand just under 2 weeks ago and after spending one night in BKK headed to Pattaya. I went straight to Sansuk sauna and guesthouse where I stayed in one of their guesthouse rooms.

Each morning at Sansuk I was waking up with what looked like rashes on my arms and thighs and could not work out what was causing it. I asked at reception a few times who said they had never seen this before. Luckily I had my trusted tea tree oil with me and so used that on the rashes which took them down in no time.

What I began to notice was that I was ONLY getting these rashes (bites) when laying on the bed in my room and nowhere else whatsoever. I've had the odd mosquito bite and can tell the difference.

I couldn't for the life of me work out what was causing this to happen and so began to search the term rash in various Thailand travel groups on Facebook.

Some results looked like my rash where as other looked much worse. But many people was pointing to it being bed bugs.

I then googled How To spot bed bugs as I've never had an experience like this before and came across various things to look out for some of which said look for the bugs themselves or evidence of the bugs being squashed under pillow and mattress.

On first inspection I could only see very tiny bits of what looked like red / brown bits the size of a grain of sand if that and only about 3 in the whole bed so didn't think much of it.

I then pulled all of the coverings off of the bed including the mattress topper to find what looked like red/Brown dots only under the pillow area. Apparently this is where the bugs have been squashed.

I then lifted the mattress up and there is was. The red/Brown dots all over the under side of the mattress and a few visible bed bugs!

I got myself straight into the shower (I hate creepy crawleys) and then went got my things together and checked out and showed reception my photo evidence of my bites and the bed bugs just to receive much confusion about what problem was. I showed pictures of the mattress, along with other illustrations of bed bugs but they didn't seem to understand fully.

I asked for the manager but he wasn't available and was still charged the full room rate for my stay after being told they will spray the bed. I didn't have time to argue the room rate as my taxi had arrived to go to BKK to meet a friend.

In the taxi to BKK I did a bit more research only to find that bed bugs can travel with you and live in ridiculous conditions! Luckily I had packed any clothing which had been on or near the bed in a plastic bag. Unfortunately I hadn't fully sealed the bag as I later knew the importance of.

So I arrived at my hotel in Bkk and immediately checked the bed for any bed bugs there as I was now getting concerned but all was clean!

The bag of clothing was near the door ready to go to the laundrette and although it was almost sealed it did have a small opening at the top where it was so full of my clothing.

As I hadn't been getting much sleep due to these bites (was waking up very early each day at Sansuk) the first thing I needed to do was sleep for a few hours before meeting my friend. My eyes was sore from lack of sleep!

I woke up late and my friend arrived within 30 minutes of me waking so we went out and I thought I will wash my clothes the next morning.

Well the next morning I woke up with bites yet again! 5:30am to be exact! So I'm now in a new hotel and still being bitten but it was considerably less bites than I received in Sansuk.

I got out of bed and stood next to the bed to research bed bugs more (as I said I've never been through anything like this before) and I see that these things are probably now inside every bit of luggage I have with me! Including my large suitcase!

I picked up the bag of clothing to be washed and took it into the bathroom and did s close inspection with a damp ear bud and found what looked like another one of these grain of sand red/brown bits apparently it's where the bugs have shed skin. So I'm assuming the bed bugs have definitely travelled with me and have got out of the bag and made their way to the bed to bite me again!

I spoke with the reception at my new hotel and told them about this and they moved me to a different room where I am now and I have sealed EVERYTHING including my clothes in black bin bags tied tightly and put them in the bathroom.

I am beyond P'd off as I now have no clothes to wear and am stuck in my room which is beginning to ruin my trip.

I messaged one of the reception guys at Sansuk as I have him as a friend on Line to say please make sure you tell the manager about the bed bugs problem in that room and don't let anyone else stay in there and that I now have to throw many of my clothes in the garbage. He has read the message but no reply and has now gone quiet. Before he would message me every single day whist I was in the UK (I added him on Line during my last stay at Sansuk Sauna for ease of checking room availability).

I wonder if any of you guys can offer any advice on what i should do next?

I understand washing my clothes on high heat temperature is needed but I can't find a self serve laundromat in Silom only serviced ones and I can't guarantee that they will wash the clothes on a hot enough temperature for long enough. I have tried putting some clothes in boiling water in the sink so I at least have something to wear but no success as the water keeps running out of the plug and cooling between boiling the kettle FML plus I'm probably going to ruin all of my clothes from this experience any way once they are washed on such a high temperature!

As it stands now I have laid in my room all day naked and managed to get some much needed sleep but this evening felt 2 more bites and had two more bumps from them.

I don't know what to do next, I have everything inside black bin bags apart from my large suitcase which is also in the shower cubicle and I wiped it out with baby wipes and didn't see any evidence of bed bugs in it.

Even once I have cleaned the clothes, what about my suitcase and electrical items? The last thing I need is to take them back home with me!

If anyone could offer any advice on this matter it would be a great help!

And just to add I've always enjoyed my stay at Sansuk and the staff are very pleasant but after this experience it would be impossible for me to stay there again.

Thanks Guys!

Where to Take the Best Photos in Iceland: As Told By a Photography Expert

by Matthew Smith @ Days to Come

Iceland is an incredible destination for all travellers, but for photographers, it’s the holy grail. It’s almost guaranteed that you can point your lens anywhere and you’ll end up with a great photo. That being said, if you do your research and follow these essential tips for where to take the best photos in Iceland, you’ll end up with incredible photos that you will cherish for a lifetime.  Do your research before you go Iceland is like nowhere else you’ll ever visit. This volcanic island in the middle of nowhere produces some of the most extreme weather this side of

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by Thanh Loan @ Vietnam Tours, Indochina Tours to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand

This 14-day Vietnam Tour For Oversea Students from Hanoi to Saigon via Hoi An gives you a wide knowledge about Vietnam's history, landscapes, people & relics in which you can have chances to explore the splendid beauties of Halong Bay, Hanoi then onward to Central of Vietnam to glance at Hue, Hoi An and the final destination is Saigon with Mekong Delta...

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5 days Cambodia Vacation Packages

by admin @ Saigon Travel – Vietnam holiday, tailor-made & small group holidays Vietnam

Trip code: CBP5d Rate from: US$ 556 Duration: 5 days 4 nights Departure: Siem Reap End: Phnom Penh Trip itinerary Day 1: Arrival Siem Reap (D) After arrival Siem Reap airport, welcome by English speaking guide and transfer to hotel, lunch local restaurant, afternoon, beginning to visit the small circuit: Ta Keo one of the […]

Sanctuary Spa by A - Report

by @ Gaythailand Forum

The other day I had great visit to Sanctuary Spa by A in Bangkok.  It's another of the smaller/mid-size shops.  Good massage.  Great masseur.  Fantastic time.  Highly recommend.


Sanctuary Spa is in one of the City Court buildings just of Rama 4.  There are a couple of other massage shops in the same overall complex(Candle T; Sabaidee).  To get to those other shops you enter the garage/car park and they are on the right.  To get to Sanctuary Spa you go past the garage entrance (as you are coming from Rama 4) and take the first side street on the right.  The entrance to the shop is on the right.  There's a sign.  You walk through a jungle-like agglomeration of plants, which is cute and certainly makes the place a bit more discreet.


I had not booked ahead.  7:30 on a weeknight (of a holiday week), there were about 7-8 guys available.  Around the same time I showed up two local customers were also there.  I think that is the typical customer base, although clearly foreigners are 100% welcome.  You select from photos on a phone.  All good looking different types.  I would say all mid-to-late 20s, but really, who can tell.  The shop regularly updates who is available on Line.  Line ID sanctuaryspa    


The very nice calm manager (A?) was more than happy to say who was "man/top," etc.  That wasn't the most important thing on my mind, and I had forgotten my glasses, so the photos were a bit of a blur.  Following the old rule for selecting wine, I chose the second to last photo.  The rooms are very clean and modern.  A bit on the smaller side.  Very nice large shower and sink in the room.  Linens very nice.  Nothing shabby or run down about this place at all.


I showered (alone), waited a bit for the masseur.  As so often happens, he was better looking than I expected.  Masseur fully clothed.


I have a pretty standard routine for new shops.  90 minute aroma/oil.  It's easy to fill a 60 minute massage time.  90 minutes the real skill comes out.  I just go with the flow, let him take the lead and enjoy.  I think the real downside of micromanaging a massage is that it takes him off his stride.  This is particularly true with someone who is new to me.  After the first time I think they are more comfortable and know me a bit and it's easier to say "less here--more here."  


There was possibly a little too much time on the calves, which is the curse of 90 minute massages.  I almost said "enough already" but he moved on.  After the lengthy calf rubdowns everything was much better and more balanced so I am very happy that I didn't say anything.  Really, really happy.


The massage was not rushed at all and then the masseur expertly and aggressively moved to the special stuff.  Just great.  I was actually a little bit surprised.  The guy was either a really voracious sexual animal or one of the greatest actors of our time.  Oh, to be young again.


90 minute aroma/oil is 900 baht.  (60 minutes/90 minutes/120 minutes = 600/900/1,200 baht, I believe).  I asked and the minimum tip is 600 for regular.   For "special" it's 1,000 baht.  Comparable to similar shops.  You can buy a pack of five 90 minute massages for 3,500, which brings the cost down to a very nice 700 baht each.  Of course I did that.


Overall very happy and definitely belongs high on the list for repeat visits.  Very nice facilities.  Chill relaxed vibe.  Good hard working masseurs.  And there is a great street food scene all along the street leading up to the shop.

5 best tropical islands of Vietnam

by admin @ Minh Nam Travel

Unlike neighbouring Cambodia, where all the islands are within relatively short distance of one another, in Vietnam they are all over the shop and the country is not really an island-hopping destination. Islands do make good bookends to a trip though; consider starting or finishing your trip on Con Dao or Phu Quoc, for example. […]


by Viet Long @ Vietnam Tours, Indochina Tours to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand

This 12-day Vietnam Cambodia Promotion Tour to Angkor, Phnompenh, Halong, Hanoi brings you a chance to visit the best features, landscapes of each countries

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Recommendations for anniversary dinner

by @ Gaythailand Forum

My partner and I will celebrate our 15th anniversary in Bangkok this weekend and are looking for recommendations for a nice dinner place for Thai food in the Silom area which is not too over-the-top pricey or a must-go touristy place like Vertigo, State Tower LeBua etc. Thanks in advance!

2 day La Fairy Sails Halong Bay

by admin @ Saigon Travel – Vietnam holiday, tailor-made & small group holidays Vietnam

Trip code: LFHL02 Trip price from: US$ 175 Duration: 2 days 1 night LaFairy Sails are luxury and boutique wooden boats which are designed in the time-honored traditional style while still following international standards. With experience over the years, we are proud to be setting a new service standard in Halong Bay in terms of interesting […]


by @ Gaythailand Forum

This past Friday I had a great time with a hot guy at Arena.  Thinking about doing it again this coming Friday.  Couple of newbie questions.  

1.  He had asked me very early on if I wanted him to fuck me.  I declined, but am thinking of saying yes this time.  I assume a larger tip is expected.  So will he name a price, or do I need to name my own price?  How does this work?


2.  What's the best procedure if I wanted to take him back to my hotel?  Negotiate it directly with the boy or do I deal with the "mamasan"?  What is the going rate for an overnight?  Better to do this later at night, nearer to closing time?  And if I'm successful, what is the procedure for getting him into my hotel?  Just walk by the front desk and see if we get questioned or should I be up front with them?


Thanks in advance!  This is my first trip to Thailand and I've found this forum to be really helpful.

Going back after my first trip last june

by @ Gaythailand Forum

I visited bangkok mid june this year. After two failed attempts in 2012 and 2014. It was my first time to visit bkk on my own. Here's a rundown of what happened

Day 1 -after arriving in bkk , had a quick nap . Late in the afternoon, i made a few rounds around silom area and decided to have a massage at senso. Masseurs were buff and price was quite high. Massage was ok with happy ending.

Day 2. After a day tour in ayuthaya, decided to try my lack at prince. There were guys available. All top. I ask the mamasan for advice on who to choose among the five available masseurs. He picked the biggest guys who i suppose has the biggest among them. I ended up choosing another one whom i like more. The massage was ok.

Day 3, decided to visit jupiter , guys were all top . Didnt see a twink loolking guy. The show was fun. I was especially amazed by the see through dressing room lol. Had my eyes on a vietnamese guy. But since i was unaware of how to offed and was kinda new to this stuff i decided not to off him for the night. A couple beer later. I decided to visit baan teewa, unfortunately no masseur was available so i decided to leave and call it a day.

Day 3- went to fresh boys. Guys were all twink looking. A laotian guy was pushy to off him and since he wasnt my type , i decided to look for others unfortunately didnt like the slection so i called it a day .

Day 4- went to the closest sauna in soi phiphat (r3). Being a thin , tall and asian looking that i was. Decided to look for some tall muscular asian. However most of what i get the same tall , thin asian guys and some 30-40 asian chubs. After some good washing. I decided to visit jupiter once more, i was still captivated by the vietnamese guy from the other day so when he was free i decided to off him. Great body and very thing to do .

This december, im planning to go back, can anyone suggest, some spa and other stuff to visit?

Where to Take the Best Photos of Japan: As Told by a Pro

by Matthew Smith @ Days to Come

Embarking on an adventure to Japan is easily one of the most rewarding experiences for any photographer as the country offers such diverse opportunities to shoot a variety of subjects. During my recent visit to Japan, I focused predominantly on Japanese architecture, street portraits and uncovering the best locations to shoot the perfect image. To find out where to take the best photos of Japan (along with a few handy tips), keep on reading. Best time to visit Japan Japan is an incredible country boasting culture, sights and history unlike anywhere else. Despite its small size, there is so much

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Bangkok in November

by @ Gaythailand Forum

Hello gentlemen,

It is now down to 3 months for my first ever trip to Bangkok. I will be arriving Thurs night/Frid morning of Nov 9-10. My flight is scheduled to arrive at 12:05am..I will be staying at the Raya Surawong hotel. I leave back for the US on Thurs Nov 16. (My birthday will be Wed the 15th). I would most definitely welcome some company/guidance, etc from anyone who is in town during my visit. I would love someone with some patience who can show me some of the touristy things during the days, and/or help me learn the ropes in the massage parlors and/or the gogo bars.. Or if someone just wants to meet up for a meal or a drink, I welcome that as well. So if anyone would like to be my tourguide, please hit me up either here in public or by private message.

Vam Sat Salt-Marsh Forest

by Thái Sơn Phan @ Hynos Travel » Saigon

Vam Sat Salt-Marsh Forest Ecological Tourist Zone is a 1-hour-and-40-minute drive from Ho Chi Minh City, and tours can be arranged either by car or by boat that include entrance fees, meals, and transportation.

Trip Report - Pattaya/Jomtien 2018

by @ Gaythailand Forum


Chivaroma, one of the male massage shops in Second Road near Boyztown has some quite cute guys outside. I had a number of very good treatments there only one of which was an oil massage with straight forward HE but nothing to write home about regarding the afters.

Also on second road near Boyztown, I walked past Heaven massage one evening and was accosted by a male masseur. He seduced me into a session (always a good start I find); a great massage and a very good happy ending with both of us naked. Afterwards he gave me his contact details but I didn't follow up as ordinarily he wouldn't have been my type.

But the prize of best experience goes to Fah Massage in Jomtien. I find most of the guys here pretty attractive but one in particular always took the time to come and give me hug went I walked past. Eventually I succumbed to his charms and I really wish I'd done so earlier!

The combination of real massage skill combined with sensuality; the second time was even better, with me on the edge almost from the start. A really beautiful sensual and sexual experience. I could almost be falling in love (certainly lust) with this guy! I do have his contact details and we are in touch but I'm wary of starting anything after my last experience. It's often said on this board that if you want love in Thailand, better to rent and sadly I think that's probably true.

I didn't try what I think is called Soda Massage. Some interesting guys for sure but their location is slightly awkward in that you can't really walk past and have a discreet look without ending up with the hard sell. Blue Angel seem to have pretty well given up. Only one or two guys outside normally and sometimes none at all.


A boy contacted me on grindr. Claimed to have a certificate in massage and offered to come and help me get to sleep. Seemed an unmissable opportunity so half an hour later, he was knocking on my door.

His massage was indeed really good. A full hour passed before things got more intimate which ended up with him topping me in a variety of different positions - a really nice intense and pleasurable experience. He seemed happy with 1000b and went on his way, leaving me to enjoy one of the best night's sleep this break.

Another 22 year old guy contacted me on grindr. Said he wasn't a money boy but needed help with the rent. I invited him over and what he lacked in stature, he made up in enthusiasm and vigour. An excellent BJ I have to say and lots of kissing and cuddling. Well worth 1000b.

A few other timewasters, plus a guy who wouldn't travel to me (and I'm wary of that) and a guy I had a good time with on my last visit who I somehow managed to piss off by not contacting him the moment I arrived. We never seemed to recover from that position despite my best endeavours.

Worst experience was a guy who I met once on my last visit and to whom I sent some money I could afford to lose to help with rent. Thereafter I have had plea after plea which I refused. I did meet him again this time, fed him, took him to the cinema, back to my room whereupon he made no effort whatsoever. After 30 mins. I decided to cut my losses and sent him on his way with the motorcy money. The next three days he sent message after message saying he was being evicted and needed money. So many deserving cases in this world but I don't feel he is one.


I popped into Niceboys a couple of times. I did find it all a bit sad to be honest. I'd feel more comfortable if they looked like they were enjoying it - perhaps that's too much to ask. But I did call down a couple of guys, brought them drinks, chatted to them in a mixture of Thai and English, tipped them and sent them back. Just not my kind of place I guess but each to his own.

I sat in Rainbow Bar (also Sunee) and found one of the bar guys pretty hot. I was leaving early on a trip the next morning so didn't off him, but gave him my number and asked if he worked there every day, which he said he did. I made three return visits and he was nowhere to be seen and no contact made. Always necessary to strike while the iron is hot in Thailand I find.

Sitting in Rainbow gives you a good view of Winner opposite. Quite regularly some of the guys come outside for a cigarette. They need to eat more for my liking, but most of the ones I saw clearly worked out regularly. I didn't visit the bar based on what I saw outside (albeit only the smokers) but the drink prices are amazingly low.

The Jomtien bars have previously been my favourite haunts but not on this occasion. I walked through several times and struggled to find anyone I'd be interested in which is not the case on previous visits.

In Boy Gaga one of the quieter bars, I bought one of the guys a drink but he didn't bother to sit with me and preferred to chat with his friends. Not my idea of a host bar. They badly need to get some new guys as the previous good ones seem to have moved on.

Bamboo Bar puzzles me. I don't see any desire on behalf of the staff to encourage customers. I tried it out one evening and was again left on my own for 20 minutes before one of the guys came and spoke to me. He was new. The others couldn't have really cared less.


I've generally had good food at Kiss (both branches, although the staff are very miserable at the Pattaya one), Pan Pan, Mai's kitchen, Wooden box, the fish stall outside Kiss in Jomtien, the Sketch Arts Café and Sandbar. Although this isn't a culinary forum, I'd be interested in other tips for eating too.

Again, I've had a great time here overall. Hope I've given some useful info on some of the less obvious HE massage venues. I'd certainly be interested in others' experiences.

Arriving / Returning next week

by @ Gaythailand Forum

I decided that the US's Thanksgiving holiday would be better spent in Pattaya and Bangkok.  I'll be in Pattaya 22,23, and 24 November.  I'm staying in Jomtien at the Poseidon. Planning on exploring Sunee - which I've not had the chance/opportunity to visit/sample time for on past visits.


Then in Bangkok at The Raya from the afternoon of the 25 until I depart on the 30th. Mac from Siamroads has designed some day trips to parts obscure (to me) during the day on 26th and 27th


I'd enjoy meeting other Forum members and if schedules might coincide, send me a PM.  

What to Expect on a Wine Tour

by Leona @ Days to Come

When travelling across the world, there is always an opportunity to learn new skills, develop a taste for new cuisine, enjoy local experiences and meet new people. This, of course, can all be experienced on a wine tour. Whether you’re stopping for a quick tipple while driving through wine regions or joining a specialist, multi-day wine-tasting tour in Europe or other parts of the world, a winery tour is always a good idea – and even better when you have a designated driver! Before you go, we’ve collected some useful tips to help you understand what to expect when visiting a

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Screw Boys 14th November

by @ Gaythailand Forum

So after reading the previous post on screw boys especially the reports of twinky Vietnamese boys working in there I was out the door like a shot and in the bar by 8:45pm just to make sure I didn't miss anything interesting.

There was around 10 boys on stage but I entered anyway as one Vietnamese boy was absolutely stunning. I'm sure I've seen him before working in soi twilight.

I ordered a drink and the nice Mamassan guy was talking to me the usual chit chat about where am I from etc. He asked me what type of guys I like and I said I'm a big fan of Vietnamese boys. He said in around 30 minutes more boys will arrive.

The guy who had initially caught my eye was just getting undressed to go onto the stage although was taking some time while checking his phone.

I pointed him out To The Mamassan and asked about him but unfortunately he could only masturbate with a guy which was a big let down although I've kind of got used to the fact that many of these Vietnamese boys are not even gay!

I waited around for the other guys to turn up which they did and then the Mamassan pointed out another Vietnamese guy which had a bit more muscle on him which i don't usually go for but was still slim but I said not for me thank you.

Eventually the boy of whom the Mamassan had pointed out came and sat by me. He was a lot cuter when close up so I bought him a drink.

After talking and a bit of body contact I headed off to soi twilight to check all of the other bars for my type of guy.

I should note here, I don't usually do Bangkok gogo bars as I don't see the point in paying 3x the cost of a drink to that in Pattaya (call me tight but hey).

This was my treat night in Bangkok! I checked all bars in soi twilight and had a drink in 3 of them. A couple of Vietnamese boys caught my eye in twilight but again was both top only or could only massage.

I left twilight and headed back to screw boys with the boy who I had been sat with on my mind.

The boy greeted me on arrival and I asked him over for another drink and he sat with me again.

I spoke to the Mamassan who assured me he was the one Vietnamese boy that could do anything at all! "This boy is good, be can top he can bottom he can massage he can everything" I was told.

I spoke to the boy to confirm this and he agreed he can do "anything" whilst massaging my leg.

Eventually I said ok I will take you and during discussion decided between us to Go To DJ Station for a couple of drinks and get some food before heading to the hotel.

The boy repeatedly said he can stay with me for 2 hour 3 hour 5 hour up to me, as long as I was happy he was happy because he likes me.

So the deal was done and off to DJ Station we went. On arrival to DJ Station security check they asked the boy for ID. He had only a copy of his passport which security refused! So on our way we went.

Had some food just outside DJ Station (street food) and then headed to my hotel.

Once we arrived at my hotel we relaxed for a while, listening to some Vietnamese music (his choice) and then took showers.

We soon got down to business on my part but I soon got a feeling that this guy is not gay! It went from being all over me in the bar to a cold vibe when I got close as if he didn't want to kiss.

Moving on I pretty much had to direct his head to where it needed to be but after that all seemed fine enough.

I moved things on after a while of 4play and immediately I could see this was going nowhere!

I put on my protection to which he looked in shock and said "you want to f*ck?" Yes I said.

I had only touched him with my hand and he gave the sigh of a painful experience. I said I haven't done anything? (I really hadn't).

I asked him if he was ok to which he replied ok and so I went to get down to the real business and of course just as we touched "diep" (pain) he said (he can speak viet and Thai).

Again I asked if he was ok to which he replied he can not while holding his stomach. I'm unsure why (well I am) because nothing had happened.

He then suggested that we try oral which ended up with me using my hand instead which i guessed was the best I was going to see from my treat in Bangkok and then we (or should I say) I finished.

He went straight to the shower and laid on the bed. He kept using my phone to talk to people on Facebook which i didn't mind as he had no phone himself.

We had agreed in the bar 2000bht for his time for "2 hour, 3 hour 5 hour upto me" and for argument sake I decided to pay him what we had agreed.

He looked at the 2000bht as I put it down and he said "only 2000?". Yes I said.

He then started doing some maths and said "11pm" (which is when I took him) "now 3am" and then asked for 4000bht!

This immediately annoyed me and I said 4000bht for what? You couldn't even fulfil what had been agreed in the bar!

I told him I'm going to sleep as a polite way of saying it's time to go and then he pulled out a receipt for 4000bht and I asked what is it (with my I'm not concerned face on).

It was a receipt for a mobile phone which costs 4000bht. I said oh and that I'm going to sleep. We hugged (he hugged me) and then asked for another 500bht to which i said no and off he went.

In the bar earlier that evening he had added me on Facebook using my own phone and so once he had gone I thought let me just check something.

I looked on his 'interested in' section (sexual preference) and of course it said he is interested in women. What's the chances.

So basically I had offed a straight guy who I was assured is gay and bottom (or everything) by himself and the Mamassan and it was a lie to get money from me!

I've learnt my lesson and next time I will tell boys in the bars that if the boy can't fulfil what was agreed I will give him 500bht. But then again they will say they didn't understand!

My experience was a wasted evening and a waste of money at screw boys taking a straight guy who had no intention of performing but was ready to see it through for the money!

What was I possibly paying 4000bht for? I wasn't taking him to spend time with him as he full well knows!

Lesson learnt!

Half-day Cu Chi Tunnels by Luxury Speedboat

by admin @ Hynos Travel » Saigon

Descend underground with a guide into a vast network built by resourceful guerrilla fighters during the Vietnam War to provide supply routes, food and weapon caches, living quarters and hospitals.

December trip (20 to 24)

by @ Gaythailand Forum

4 day trip for me. Last trip was in September. What a change in mood in the city. Christmas trees and lights everywhere. Last year, there were very few of them as the country was observing one year of mourning for the King.

Reached Bangkok from Singapore at 4pm. Bumpy flight with turbulence. Surprisingly no queue at immigration. Collected baggage and hopped into taxi but massive traffic jam meant i only reached hotel at 5:30pm. Dumped my things and off i went to meet some friends from Singapore for dinner.

After dinner, i headed to Soi Twilight. Saw Paulsf at Maxis and chatted with him. Found out lots of info. T, a Vietnamese waiter at Freshboys whom I had been with before, came out of his bar to welcome me back. "Tonight I go with you?" he asked. "Of course," I replied. I did not manage to see him in September as he was back in Vietnam then.

I continued chatting with Paulsf. It was his last night in Thailand as he was going home for Christmas. At 10pm, his friend (a fellow forum member here who rarely posts but who reads the reports) arrived. They had arranged to go to Jupiter together.

At 10:15pm, T drags me into his bar as the show was starting. I watched the first three acts - a drag queen song, a solo macho dance performance and a shower and soap show by two boys. T joins me, having changed out of his waiter uniform. "The show is quite slow. Let's go to Jupiter instead," I declared.

We walked to Jupiter. We reached there and were seated before Paulsf and friend. The Jupiter boys were doing their catwalk introduction. Some new faces that I had not seen in September. Paulsf and friend arrive. There were seats at the front beside the changing room but music was too loud so we settled for seats right at the back but with a view of the middle. Show starts. 3 boys doing gymnastics with ropes hung from ceiling. Impressive. The other performaces were dances or more accurately put - ackward poses set to music in background. One item set to Tom Jones's Sex Bomb was really awful. But it was obvious that the boys were trying their best despite their two left feet. Paulsf called a Vietnamese boy over. Handsome boy. Good choice. After about 5 or so performances, the rotation and catwalk started again. Quite a mix of well toned and handsome boys.

I said my goodbye to Paulsf and friend and went off with T. We went to a pool bar to play pool. After a few games (I nearly beat him in one game), we went to a small bar owned by T's friend. While T has been catching up with his friend, I typed this report. It is now 1am. Time to stop and go back to hotel.

Screwboys Tuesday 7th Nov

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Looked in at Screwboys early Tuesday evening (around 8.00pm).  Was the only customer, but boy, what are you guys missing!  Some great boys - in their blue and white striped speedos - a really friendly and helpful mamasan, and good prices. 


There's a new boy - Thai twink 19 y/o, no. 2- who I sat with for a bit (and tipped), and would have offed him 'cept I was pushed for time.  Was going to go back last night for a short time with him, but got delayed.


The difference between Screwboys and Classic (which apparently is closing) is huge!  Classic has (or had) pushy mamasans, higher drink prices, pushing for tips, and an 'OK' ish group of boys.  Screwboys is the opposite.  Great guys, no pushing, keen to help the customer (no sitting around with mobile phones), and quietly confident that they've got it right.  


Don't miss this out just because it's not on Soi Twilight.



Reporting on my first ever trip to Bankok

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Let me start off with a little background.. I am a heavy set 56 year old guy (turning 57 on my last full day in town). In the last couple of years, my body is not keeping up with my mind as far as youth..I have had a bulging disc in my lower back for almost two years now.. It pinches on my sciatic nerve, causing pain down my right leg, from hip to knee. Nothing has been of much help as far as improvements. I have had numerous epidurals, and visit a chiropractor regularly, but no real, long term inprovements. And the surgeon says I am not a candidate for surgury.  My latest ailment has been some pretty intense heartburn/acid reflux. This has  been going on for a few weeks, and intesifying before the trip. I went and got checked out to make sure it wasn't a heart issue, and after and EKG, exrays, etc, I was told my heart and lungs were normal. I got the pain under control before I started my trip, so I was hoping it would be manageable while I was vacationing.


I flew on United airlines and Eva air to get here. Phoenix to LA was United Economy class, and then the remainder on Eva (LAX to TPE to BKK) was in Biz class. Eva was a great airlines. The seats were comfortable, the service impeccable, the food good (as far as airline food goes). Unfortunately, after eating the "refresher" meal on the long leg, I quickly got SEVERE heartburn. It was very uncomfortable for the rest of the flights. The pain is so intense that it makes it nearly impossible to sleep. My original plan was to sleep as little as possible on the flights, since I was arriving at midnight. That way I would go to sleep as soon as I hit my hotel (Raya Surawog) and be on a good sleep cycle. 

The not sleeping much on the plane was accomplished, but that first night, I still could not sleep in my hotel bed due to the pain.. So I got up by 7am and visited a nearby hospital to get some stronger meds. An hour or so later, I was leaving the hospital after consulting with a doctor, with 3 different medicines for acid reflux/indigestion in hand. I started taking them right away, and shortly noticed a slight improvement. 


I had made plans to meet up with a poster from here at Gaythailand (Wheelz) at 1:30 for some lunch and tour of the surrounding area. He showed up on time and we went around the corner for some lunch at Dicks. We both got some Chicken fried rice (I was not of the strongest stomach yet, so wanted something bland). It was good. For anyone not familiar, Dicks in right in the middle of Soi Twilight (I think that is correct) so there are numerous bars, gogos, and massage places next door. We enjoyed our lunch, chatting and watching some of the boys from Bonny Massage next door. 


Wheelz had talked with a mamasan at A boys, who was supposed to have a few twink types available for us around 3pm. We walked the few blocks over to Aboys, and at first, it was still locked up tight. We continued on to another bar (on what Wheelz was calling the sleazy end of the gay spectrum). Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the place. While walking to this other bar, we passed the A boy mamasan on the street who was heading in to unlock and open up shop.  We had one quick drink at this other bar, but there were not boys there yet, so we went back to Aboys. 


At first at Aboys, there was just one boy downstairs, who was a favorite of Wheelz. The mamasan got us drinks, then headed upstairs to bring down a boy (hopefully) for me. Unfortunately, the boy was not my type at all. So we finished our drinks, and I tipped my boy 100  baht for his time and we headed back to Bonny Massage to get a massage.


A quick notice, if you are mobility challenged, Bangkok bars/establishments are not always easy to maneuver. To enter Bonny massage, you go up one flight of stairs, and then need to go up a second flight to the massage rooms. I quickly picked out a very cute guy for my massage. His name, I believe, was Try. The massage was to be a 800 baht charge, with minimum tip the same. We went into the room upstairs, and we both undressed. I was hot and sweaty so I wanted a shower to cool off. Try joined me in the shower without being asked, and proceeded to give me a nice washing..We went back to the room and commenced with the massage. It is on a mat, on a platform raised about a foot off the floor. No hole for the face in the mat. The massage was proceeding very nicely. Started off with "regular" massage, then body to body then when I flipped over, it got a little more sensual. He gave me a "Happy ending" while I did a little suckie suckie on him. After I came, we went back for another shower together. 


Afterwards, I thought was being nice and gave him 1000 baht. He looked at me like where is the rest. he tried to say I owed him 500 more since I had sucked on him for all of 5 minutes. I 

halfheartedly argued for a couple of minutes and finally reached in my pocket and gave him another 200 baht. After all, it was only another $6 USD. At that point, he seemed happy and we left the room. 


Wheelz had gone back to Aboys to off his boy there, and we had agreed for him to come back to my hotel at 5:30 and we would head off to Screwboys, which is his favorite bar. I got back to my room and layed down for some rest. When I got the call from Front desk at 5:30 that Wheelz was waiting for me, I got up and quickly got ready to go downstairs. Unfortunately, my right leg was having none of it, and I could barely walk. So I went down to the reception area and apologized for having to call it a night. I came back up to my room and stayed in bed, sleeping on and off until 7am this morning. 


Now, my chest is feeling 99% better, but my leg/hip are still a little tender, and my abdomen feel like I was punched in the gut. I assume this was from the rather rough massage yesterday, along with the walking we did. So that catches me up to today (Day two). I have tentative afternoon plans with a poster for an outing for a bite to eat and a visit to Hero massage. But for now, back to sleep to get more rest..

Discovering Vietnam

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From the vertiginous rice valleys of Sapa in Vietnam’s north stretching to the fascinating bustle of the Mekong Delta in the south, Vietnam is home to a wealth of attractions that will seduce both budget and top-range travellers. Welcoming foreign tourists and their dollars since the late 1980s, enterprising Vietnam has rapidly developed a well-trodden […]

Saigon Street Food Tour by Scooter

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Stroll around hidden alleys and past famous sights, including Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral and Reunification Palace, easily customized to fit your food interests and itinerary requests, also includes a guide, all food and drink, motorbike and helmet, round-trip hotel transport and photos from the trip.

Saigon (HCMC) | Tonkin Travel

Saigon (HCMC) | Tonkin Travel

Tonkin Travel

In less than a decade, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, has transformed itself into Asia’s most dynamic boomtown—the epitome of the Wild, Wild East.  Discover it’s transformation with these tours: SAIGON (Full day) SAIGON (Half day) SAIGON EVENING STREET FOOD TOUR VESPA TOUR – THE INSIDER’S SAIGON ON MORNING VESPA TOUR – THE INSIDER’S SAIGON …

18 – Day Vietnam Cambodia Laos Family Holiday

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This Vietnam Cambodia Laos Family Holiday For 18 Days covers up almost the best highlights, wonders of 3 countries including Halong bay, Hoi An, Luang Prabang, Angkor Wat and many other famous travel sites...

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What to Pack for a Safari Tour in Tanzania

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Tanzania is one of the most culturally fascinating destinations in Africa, and there is no better way to explore the vast lands of this country than on a safari tour. Choosing a great tour operator and game reserve for your safari tour in Tanzania isn’t that difficult. There are many trusted companies out there and hundreds of resources online to help you pick the best ones. The trickiest part, however, is the packing side of things. If you’re wondering what to pack for a safari tour in Tanzania, fear not, as we’ve compiled an essential guide to alleviate any stress you

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Hoi An cooking class Excursions

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Trip itinerary Take part in Hoi An cooking class excursions for half day tour (8:30 am to 1:30 pm) or 12:00pm to 5pm +8:00 your guide will pick you up at your hotel at 8 am to 8:30 am by car or minivan. Earn some Vietnamese words that can be used to communicate with local people over something at […]

Gay Chinese flock to Thailand

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PHUKET: Bathed in a pink spotlight, the caberet singer at Phuket's ZAG bar lip-syncs the top notes of a popular Mandarin love song, delighting the crowd of gay Chinese tourists who have escaped judgement at home for sexual freedom in Thailand.


While the song, "The Moon Represents My Heart", is a hit with the patrons, the transgender singer is just the warm up act.


"We're waiting for the go-go boys!" says one Chinese reveller at ZAG, one of several clubs squeezed into "Paradise Complex" -- the epicentre of the raucous gay nightlife scene on the party-hard island.


With an estimated LGBTQ population of 70 million, China has the world's third-largest "pink market" after Europe and the United States.


Yet in China being openly gay is still fraught with difficulties.


Dressing a certain way or public displays of affection can draw stares and lead to family turmoil. Some Chinese parents have even brought gay children to "conversion" clinics for treatment.


Homeosexuality was classified as a mental illness in China until 2001 and a crime until 1997, and authorities have arrested gay rights activists.


That makes Thailand, renowned for its more permissive attitude towards sexuality, an alluring holiday option for gay Chinese looking to cut loose away from family pressures and censorious eyes.


While LGBTQ Thais often still face discrimination in the workplace, the kingdom's gay party scene is famously loud and proud, known for late-night clubbing and cabaret shows in Bangkok and along its coastal resorts.


"Every night, around half our customers are from China. They used to come in the past, but this year suddenly there were a lot, so we added Chinese songs," Bon Nadech, the owner of ZAG bar told AFP.


"Chinese tourists are great customers. They're polite and curious about Thailand," said a waiter at the nearby MO2 club


Chinese travel companies are also crowding in to tap the market.


Nearly a dozen agents offer trips to Thailand for gay tourists, with ads showing travellers partying on yachts decorated with rainbow streamers and balloons.


The relaxed atmopshere offers a rush of liberation for those who make the trip.


"I have a lot of friends who don't feel safe in China and feel they need to hide. In Thailand they don't have to worry," said Ji Chengfeng, a 37-year-old entrepreneur from Beijing, who was visiting Phuket on one of his frequent holidays in the kingdom.


China sends more tourists to Thailand than any other country, with cheap air links and no visa requirements funnelling visitors to the kingdom.


Thailand has already welcomed 6.6 million Chinese tourists in 2017 -- up from a total of 2.7 million five years ago -- bringing a flood of cash into the key sector.


In comparison, less than 700,000 Americans and a little over 500,000 French citizens visited Thailand so far this year.


The economic potential of LGBTQ travelers in particular is increasingly catching the eyes of tourist operators worldwide.


Many are not parents and therefore have a greater disposable income, plus are better able to travel outside peak holiday periods.


In recent years, on the heels of gay marriage court rulings, tourist boards in the more permissive corners of the world are promoting their countries as same-sex wedding and honeymoon destinations.


In 2013, the Tourism Authority of Thailand's office in New York launched its campaign, "Go Thai Be Free", to actively welcome LGBTQ travelers.


While same-sex marriage is not officially recognised under Thai law, it is a widely accepted practice and Buddhist monks often preside over such ceremonies.

13-Day Vietnam and Laos Tour In Focus

by Viet Long @ Vietnam Tours, Indochina Tours to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand

This 13-day Vietnam and Laos Tour in Focus starting from Saigon via Hoi An, Halong bay till Hanoi then onward to Luang Prabang, Vientiane allows you to visit the most attractive places in each country

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Gay Companions and Tour Guides in Thailand

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I was reading another thread today when I saw Moses signature.  It had a link to one of his sites for gay tour guides and companions to show others around. 


I think this is excellent and something that is really needed.  When I travel to Brazil, I always try to find a guide that is gay that can interpret for me.  Being in Thailand so much, it is easy for me and I don't need this service. But, if I had found the site on my first few trips, I'd have been happy to spend 30 USD on a good English speaking guide.


For those that have not seen the site, it is:

Michelin star

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Saw that Michelin start grading Bangkok restaurants. 

Are the Bangkok Michelin Starred restaurants  worth paying the extras for? What would be a better local food guide that is value for money?

WPBKK 2018 - Trip report - Happy People

by @ Gaythailand Forum

Hey everyone, starting to write this at the plane back home. I want it done while all is as fresh and accurate as possible.

Starting again with an introduction. I'm a 33 year old Israeli, married + 1. This is my 4th trip (and trip report) to BKK. I love travelling alone for sex and party adventures. With the recent addition to our family, I felt an on going, growing desire to feel independent, self centered and have a trip that focuses entirely on MY needs. Don't be mistaken, I love my husband and daughter. But, I needed the break. My husband is well aware of all my needs and thoughts and while he does not accept them happily, he understands them and we find a way to make this work.

I have been contemplating the idea of visiting BKK for a circuit festival party for the last 3 years but never got serious about it. When the White Party Bangkok (WPBKK) punlished the dj lineup and I saw 2 names that I liked - Sagi Kariv (Israel) and Suri (Spain) the idea of going started getting serious. Just didn't know how to sell the idea to my partner. Once the rumers of the arrivel of the mother of all gay djs, my favorite love, Offer Nissim, I knew that is my ticket. I will explain more what is Offer Nissim for me, for now lets just say I am a really big fan and my husband might understand if I wanna see my favorite dj in my favorite city. So started talking about it, also in this forum, and as time passed by it got more and more real.

This was an expensive trip for me. That is to be expected from a short trip combined with NYE dates. Since this was a 80 (a little more that 3 whole days) hour trip (excluding flights) I did not see any other option than using the only direct flight with our shitty local airline that has bad prices, bad service and planes older than my mom. But also, for BKK they have perfect time slots for both directions to sleep very well and avoid any form of jet lag. That ticket was 1050 USD (and an additional 150 USD for TLV-BKK one direction economy premium) which is considered rather standard for that line at this time of year. No sane Israeli will come to BKK only for NYE weekend so there was no high demand that made ticket prices incline. That was not true for hotels. My gury, Vinapu, recommended that I order as fast as I can the hotel and he was right, prices inclined by the week. I usually stay in Surawong's Meridian but this time I followed Namazu's advice and ordered the hotel near the party area Centara Grand @ Centralworld (Namazu, best advice ever! Thanks). The price for 3 nights was 860 USD. Yes, I know, no one should pay those prices for lodging in BKK. But for me, it was worth it. Also purchased a VIP full festival WPBKK pass for 9000 BHT. European prices for an Asian circuit festival in BKK. So unfair for most of the locals that can only dream to enter there. There should be a discount for them. Of course that makes most crowd for the parties to originate from more wealthy Asian countries. This trip was also in very high risk for cancellation for various reasons so I insured the flight, hotel, party ticket so that I can cancel for any reason up until 12 houts prior the trip (100 USD). So paid more than I'm used to for BKK, but didn't care, this was MY trip and I wanted the best for myself as I don't get everyday to meet my favorite dj in my favorite city.

One last thing before starting actually to report, as similiar to previous trips, I started sexting on the apps with FakeGPS a week before. It was on PlanetRomeo that I got a text from the guy that I will spend most of trip with. It was a profile that I would not text to myself. The reason for that is that it was a faceless, PERFECT, torso. Those usually seem unreachanle or fake to me so I don't bother. It's a good thing that he texted me. For the purpose of this report, and in order to respect his anonymity, he shall be called V after his perfect V shaped body. Some of the details are blurred to respect his privacy. So we started talking and he seemed not only hot but nice as well. He was in the WP staff. So we said we will meet when I arrive since he will probably be on a break. I didn't expect to meet him cause this guy is the kinda guys that can have anyone he wants from the party, and with all due respect to myself, that party has the highest percentage of amazing looking muscle gods (or gueez haha).

So, after this long introduction, let's get into buisness. Arrived Thursday, Dec 29th at Ben Gurion airport for the 11PM direct flight to BKK. Saw dj Sagi Kariv at the plane, wished him good luck, took a sleeping pill (didn't want to leave anything for chance) and woke up 8 hours later. 2.5 hours later landed 2:50PM BKK time friday 29th. Smell of Suvarnabumi makes me happy, immigration queue (45 mins) makes me anxious. I had to pick up my festival pass by 5PM at Centralworld. Traffic was shitty most of this trip. Used more motor taxi im other cases to avoid it. Arrived at Centralworld 450 PM, took my pass, bought a 2000 bht worth of drinking ticket to use at the party, went to my room and texted V I have arrived to see if he has a break and wants to meet. Checked in Centara deluxe smoking room with king bed. As expected, a high standard, 5 star hotel. V came 10 mins after me, to my room. Overwhelmed by how he looks, I tried just to be cool and not to act excited. I suggested him to rest in his break but he wanted to make out so I complied haha. Connection and chemisry was intense immediately. I wanted to fuck him and he seemed tired for that and suggested after the party. Was fine by me. He asked if he can use the hotel gym later. Gave him my second key room and told him he can use it for the gym whenever he wants. I verified with him that he knows he needs to text me if he wants to come to the room to avoid any awkward situations.

After he left, I met my almost monogamous boyfriend from my last BKK trip. The localy based fashion designer. I told him 2 weeks prior my arrival that I'm coming to WPBKK and that I need gay, white, unique party shoes. He did a great job. Met him for in room dining and sex at my place. Club sandwiches and beer were excellent, sex was too. He left at about 930PM.

HPSQM (Homos per Square Meter) on Grindr was one of the highest I saw and resembeled Gay prides around the world. I was still a bit horny so invited a hunk aussie that suggested he just come to my room for bj and to drink my cum on his the way to the WP. A short, funny and hot 10 minute interaction. He was very high. Probably E. At that point I was happy and not horny at all. Decided to come late to this night's party cause this night was my only chance to go to the bars. On the other nights the parties were more important than the bars.

Arrived at Tawan 22:30. Place was already full. I got a bad seat. There were two guys I would totally off for a muscle worship session but they were both occupied with other customers. Looked aroud to search for others I find attractive but did not find. I decided to leave at 23:00 cause I knew no chance for a good off and didn't want to waste my time on a show I have seen several times. So from there, based on forum recommendations went to Jupiter. Show already started. The show as a show is very enjoyable with some impressive eye candy. Rules of the place were less clear to me: who can be offed? how do I off? But as sexy as the guys were, they all seem unmotivated to be offed and so I just enjoyed what was a nice show. And I also kept in mind that hopefully, I'm returning to my room tonight with a guy that attracts me more than them. Passed by Soi Twilight, and returned to the room to get dresses for my first Asian Circuit party, The White Party: Military Ball. Bought at the WP booths a militay harness and straps to match so I followed the dress code. Left the room at about half passed midnight.

Flight wheels touch the ground now. Slept great also on this return flight. Going straight to work. Will continue soon.

Vietnam Cambodia Family Tour – 14 Days

by Viet Long @ Vietnam Tours, Indochina Tours to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand

This 14-day Vietnam Cambodia Family Tour Of Highlights allows your family not only to discover the most stunning landscapes like Halong bay, Mekong delta but also many other attractive ancient cities of Angkor Wat, Hoi An, Mekong and Hanoi ...

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The 5 signs to look for that you should go home and leave Pattaya

by @ Gay Thailand The Beer Bar

Inspire Pattaya E-Magazine / What’s On Pattaya

Living away from home and especially in Thailand in places like Pattaya can be moments of pure bliss, you are living the dream, right? But is everyone really living this dream life and are there red flag warning signs that you are better off jumping on a plane and getting back home?

This vlog playfully but with an air of seriousness looks at the warning signs that perhaps you are better off back home than in Pattaya.

We are have different standards and acceptable living conditions, but if you have succumbed to a 3k baht a month studio with no aircon and a cold, broken shower or even possibly a large barrel you need to fill with water. You know the type, studios in the same block as the workers of Soi Baukhao, then this is sign number 1. Your not living the dream, go home.

Sign number 2. When you complain on one of the many online food groups when a breakfast costing 99 baht and that it is too expensive or the tea is not tetleys. Perhaps a member of staff didn’t courtesy for you too? Remember you do have the choice to buy a more expensive breakfast, but perhaps you are watching your sedang a little more than you should. I even see one guy complain to a restaurant that his curry serving was not big enough – it was a 149 baht meal deal that came with naan, rice and half a pint of beer. What does the guy want?

Drinking can often cross the line in Pattaya and become a big problem for some guys here. I knew one guy that said he got drunk not just everyday but twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon after he woke from his lunch time nap. If you are drinking everyday and before 5pm, Pattaya may be about to consume you and spit you out. Be warned, it could be time to leave. Another big sign, if you have stopped drinking in a beer bar and now drink outside a 7-11 or a Thai shop as it’s cheaper; this too is a little alarming. That’s my sign number 3.

Number 4: If you have no money. I am sure there are many guys here that would struggle to even get a flight home anyway. They will live here with no health insurance and be the wrong side of 60 years old. It is a matter of time before something bad happens.

And finally, you have had or are having a bad experience with your Thai partner. Maybe they have taken all you have got and you are feeling depressed, alone and skint – but seem to think another teelak is still out there for you. Go home before you fall off a balcony.

To many this list will read as a bit of light hearted fun but I have lived in Pattaya for over ten years and sadly seen expats die far too young from over drinking, I have seen them not wanting to give up on Pattaya even with no money – and their life is worse than if they were just to get on a plane and go home. Pattaya is a fantastic place but too many people try and live the dream without the means to even pay for one good meal a day.


by Ha Nguyen @ Vietnam Tours, Indochina Tours to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand

Those who choose Maya for a Halong Bay cruise can expect the experience to include more than mere scenery, as impressive as that is in Halong. We provide our clients opportunities to learn about Vietnamese culture while on board, including the popular cooking demonstration where you can make your own spring rolls. Maya passengers can […]

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Bangkok Michelin Restaurants – the Michelin Guide

by @ Gay Bangkok

First Bangkok Michelin Guide announced today.

⭐️⭐️ Three Restaurants including famous Gaggan
⭐️ 14 restaurants including a ‘street shop’ Jay Fai

Personally I am happy to see Jok Prince mentioned as Inspectors’ favourites for good value.

6 Great Day Trips From Hanoi

by admin @ Minh Nam Travel

If you visit Vietnam, there is a good chance for your trip to revolve around the capital city of Hanoi. Combining French cultural influences with Vietnamese cuisine and heritage, Hanoi is a melting pot full of incredible attractions. The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Ho Chi Minh Museum are big landmarks you won’t want to […]

Where You Should Travel in 2018 Based on Your Favourite Cocktail

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If you’re unsure of where your next adventure will take you in 2018, why not try matching your favourite beverage to your next destination?  They say your drink of choice says a lot about you; and while we don’t want to make any sweeping generalizations, perhaps it can help you choose where you should travel in 2018. Just sayin’.  Disclaimer alert: While we’re not here to encourage excessive drinking, a cocktail or two won’t go astray on your next holiday.  Where You Should Travel in 2018 Based on Your Favourite Cocktail If you love drinking Pisco Sours You should travel

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Flights Ho Chi Minh City - Saigon Yangon from £84. Best offers.

Flights Ho Chi Minh City - Saigon Yangon from £84. Best offers.

Compare the best available deals from Ho Chi Minh City - Saigon to Yangon in real time: select the perfect combination from hundreds of airlines and book your next flight in just a few simple clicks!

2 day Biking Tour Dalat – Lak Lake – Nha Trang

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Cycling tour Vietnam with 2 day biking Tour Vietnam Dalat – Lak Lake – Nha Trang departing Dalat will get you into the real discovery of Vietnam by 2 wheels for your great lifetime! Trip itinerary Day 1: Biking Dalat – Lak Lake Begin our biking Tour Vietnam Dalat to Lak Lake, you leave Dalat […]

The Most Underrated Cities in Central America That You Need to Visit

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Central America is the gateway to some seriously noteworthy cities that deserve your time and attention. And where are the best places to visit, you ask? The answer: the underrated ones. You know, the cities that most visitors overlook in favour of more popular destinations? They might not be the most Insta-worthy destinations, but they’re sure to impress you.  To help spark that lightbulb moment of where to go for an off-the-beaten-track adventure, these are the most underrated cities in Central America that you need to visit this year.  1. Flores, Guatemala Flores is adored for more than just being

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Supertown - Jomtien walking street

by @ Gaythailand Forum

What's with theese signs at both entrances to the area always before called Jomtien complex now proclaiming the area as "Supertown - Jomtien walking street"?
They've been up already for about 6 months (?) but I still never seen or heard anyone referring to the area as Supertown...

Is it some kind of PR-stunt to lure unsuspecting straights in to the area and spend money in the restaurants and bars?


by Ha Nguyen @ Vietnam Tours, Indochina Tours to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand

DAY 1: HANOI – HAI PHONG  – LAN HA BAY – HALONG BAY (L/D) 09h00: You will be pick up  from Hanoi Old Quarter to take the highway to Got Port, Haiphong where we arrive at around 11h30 12h00: Transfer by tender to the MAYA CRUISE. On the way to the main boat, you will have a chance to see […]

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Flights to Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) | Emirates

Flights to Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) | Emirates


Book flights to Ho Chi Minh City today. Free Wi-Fi, comfortable seats and award-winning entertainment – all part of the Emirates experience. - Emirates

Just a very simple trip report

by @ Gaythailand Forum

Because i cant write in english properly so i just can give this simple trip report (although the real experience is not that simple) just hope you people not laugh...LOL..

Yesterday (08/01) arrived at don mueang airport around 3.30pm due to flight delayed almost 1 hour (you know airasia is suck)..
Not many people at checkpoint just groups of mainland china who cant read signboard properly and always jumping que.
30 minute later i already go out from the airport.try to take taxi service at the counter and the price is 850Baht from airport to silom and i think its i jump to public bus to mochit and from there take MRT direct to silom totally cost me only 73Baht.

Checkin at my regular hotel nantra silom for 5d4n (cost 3080Baht after discount from expedia)..the girl at receptionist never smile as always..maybe she hate her job..maybe she need quit her job and become gogo girls..LOL..

After take dinner at one fine muslim restaurant in silim road i went to patpong night market to buy t shirt and some souveniour for relatives and friends.

Than go to TAWAN as always..mamasan there (a man with glasses) quickly recognized me..because i always tipping him..not many boys at stage most of them just lying at sofa infront stage like one of member of this forum quote "like sea whale lying at the rock"..all familiar face but i never left tawan alone so i pick kong,handsome muscular hunk..i offed him one time before so he know me and know what i want..its make things easy for both us.

Just short time and i tipping him 2000Baht as always and he rush back to tawan because need to attend show at 10.45pm..i take shower and sleep.

DAY 2 (09/01)

Today i planned to go to national museum but after google some information its closed on monday and tuesday so i canceled the plan..than i plan to visit wat arun but also cancelled because feel no mood today..maybe tomorrow..i dont want visit wat pho or grand palace because already went there on my last visit to bangkok 1 year i just rest at my room watching tv with all thai language program even english movies they translate to thai..LOL..

At 5pm,i got some idea to visit arena massage at silom plaza (only 10 minute walk from nantra)..only 7 masseurs there when i arrived although almost all muscular but their face is not my type LOL..only one have cute face with nice body and a tatto at his left chest..his name is don or ton or something sound like that.

Massage session is 1.5 hour and his massage skill is so so..but this handsome boy is very quite and look shy but he got a very big cock..first time i see giant dick like the happy ending is good and i tiping him 1500B (minimum tips is 1000Baht) and he look happy with that amount.

Suddenly i got idea to ask him coming to my hotel tomorrow morning-so i no need to pay fee at massage center- but its very hard to talk about my idea to this boy because he cant understand even a simple english so we use google translate LOL..and he agreed to come to my hotel tomorrow morning before he start work at arena at 12pm..

So now i just rest at my room typing this trip report before sleep and wait tomorrow to see my handsome boy with giant cock..

"Bangkok to host 'the world's first gay sports day'" -- Dec. 23

by @ Gaythailand Forum

I usually leave it to Reader to post info like this, but FYI :-


On Dec 23, the Bangkok gay community is taking over National Stadium for a sports day and pride parade.

Bangkok Gay Festival 2017 is organized by Bangkokgay, who are claiming the event as "the world's first gay sports day" to take place in a real stadium.

The day's highlights include a parade of muay Thai fighters led by Parinya "Nong Toom" Charoenphol, the first ever transgender muay Thai fighter, and a full molam band providing live music.

On top of a packed roster of sporting events is the pride parade, which will take place inside the National Stadium at the end of the day.

Tickets are on sale now at Ticketbox, with special promotions until the end of the month. All seating areas are B500 (originally B900 and B1,500). The profits from the festival will be donated to Wat Phrabat Nam Plu, the temple/foundation that treats people with AIDS.

For more information about the event, contact 089-149-3175.

In related news, what had been billed as Bangkok's first pride parade since 2006, which was set for November, was recently postponed. Bangkok Pride is now likely to take place in early 2018.


by Viet Long @ Vietnam Tours, Indochina Tours to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand

This 5-DAY SPECIAL PACKAGE TOUR WITH FLAMINGO CRUISE is a great combination to discover the best highlights of Northern Vietnam with World Wonders, natural landscapes, people

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Saigon Street Food by Motorbike

Saigon Street Food by Motorbike

Khiri Travel

An evening tour of Saigon by motorbike to enjoy a sampling of Vietnamese street food in Ho Chi Minh City.

Skydeck Saigon

by Thái Sơn Phan @ Hynos Travel » Saigon

The Saigon Skydeck is located near the corner of Ho Tung Mau and Hai Trieu in the Central Business District. It is on the 49th floor of Bitexco Financial Center and open daily from 9:30 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. Admission is about $10 a person.

I Hate Hiking and I Hate the Cold, But I Love Greenland

by Sama Abdi @ Days to Come

Most travellers will share stories about that one trip or experience that changed their lives forever. For me, that moment was a trip to Greenland. But first, let me rewind and tell you a bit more about myself and how I got the chance to explore the coolest (or chillest!) island on Earth.         I hate hiking and really hate the cold At first glance, I appear to be a rather tall and slender woman, one who you would assume partakes in regular physical activity and enjoys it. On both counts, you would be very wrong. My Sub-Saharan African genetics are

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Need hotel recommendation..

by @ Gaythailand Forum

I have a last minute impulse to book a trip to Bkk from 12/28 through 1/1/18.  Now i see lots of good hotels either fully booked or the prices have skyrocketed 😊  Does anyone know any good hotels or apartments that still have reasonable rates (preferably under $100 a night)?



Saigon Street Food Walking Tour

by admin @ Hynos Travel » Saigon

Sample culinary delights that have made Southern Vietnamese cuisine famous, from ‘banh mi’ sandwiches to popular rice dishes. Taste Saigonese coffee, beer and street food from local vendors as you explore markets and cafés while the sun goes down.

Myanmar vs Vietnam: Which Is Your Chosen Destination? - Days to Come

Myanmar vs Vietnam: Which Is Your Chosen Destination? - Days to Come

Days to Come

How do you choose between diverse Southeast Asian countries like Myanmar and Vietnam? We've got the answers to make your trip planning easy.

18 Most Affordable Places to Travel for Under $18 a Day

by Sama Abdi @ Days to Come

There’s no doubt that we live in an incredibly beautiful world. But, what do you do when you want to travel but your bank account thinks otherwise? Instead of spending hours searching the internet high and low, we’ve compiled a list of the most affordable places to travel to in 2018. Don’t let yourself miss out on incredible experiences because you think you can’t afford it and make this year one for the books.    Note: All currencies listed below are in US dollars. All countries listed below have an average night’s cost at an affordable hostel or hotel at

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by @ Gaythailand Forum

Michael has informed me that Lurker passed away in his Hotel.  I have no other information.


Very sad that after spending  so much time planning and thinking about his first trip to Thailand, that this would happen to him in a strange country.


RIP  Lurker

7 Top Tourist Attractions in Vietnam

by admin @ Minh Nam Travel

Most travelers to Vietnam are attracted by the country’s wonderful natural beauty: From the green rice fields in the north to the fascinating bustle of the Mekong Delta in the south. Vietnam however is also a country with a long history and ancient traditions. It has many historic attractions and old temples. An overview of […]

First time for everything!

by @ Gaythailand Forum

hi! i have been visiting and lurking the forums for a couple of weeks now and finally had the courage to post.~


I will be going to thailand this august and it will be...

My first time there...

My first time to go to another country alone and...

My first time to be brave enough to act on my newly accepted sexuality.


Yes I am a 25 year old, closeted virgin!!

I am asian, fair complexion and a bit on the chubby side and i have been told that i have a handsome face (not trying to be conceited or anything, besides i don't think i have enough self confidence to work this mug)


I decided a week ago to carpe diem and go on an adventure. Note that my main purpose of travelling to thailand is to see the sights,take in the culture and taste the meat...errr food. I have also decided that this is the time to live my life and be brave enough to even try and hook up with someone, go to a massage parlor or off a boy. I have already decided that this trip will be the time i lose my virginity no matter what!(to a cute boy of course) I am extremely nervous and excited.


so i need help! any tips? I have  insecurities of guys not wanting me because im a bit on the chubby side and my lust seems to be directed towards guys who are lean and muscular. I know it sounds superficial but i feel that i have to have a great looking body to actually have a chance at hooking up with someone im attracted to.


Would i have a better chance going to clubs than going on dating apps?

How do I amass the courage to talk to someone i like?

tips on massage parlors and gogo bars?


This is my big step to test the waters and eventually announce to the world that I am gay and proud of it.

Saigon Street Food Tour

Saigon Street Food Tour

Khiri Travel

Vietnam has a well-known and well-deserved reputation for exquisite cuisine. Their traditional dishes are unique in flavor and freshness and surprising in variety. When it comes to  local alcohol  and snack foods, travelers to Vietnam must plan to spend at least an entire afternoon, ideally a day, exploring different places serving traditional dishes and drinks. So when [...]

3 day Biking Tour Vietnam Dalat – Lak Lake – Buon Me Thuot – Nha Trang

by admin @ Saigon Travel – Vietnam holiday, tailor-made & small group holidays Vietnam

Vietnam holidays and experience the real Central highlands Vietnam on 2 wheels departs from Dalat up to Lak Lak, Buon Me Thuot and down to the coast of Nha Trang with option of biking tour Vietnam Dalat – Lak Lake – Buon Me Thuot – Nha Trang for your real Vietnam discovery! Trip itinerary Day […]

November visit - Pattaya then Bangkok

by @ Gaythailand Forum

November Visit


This short - 10 day - end of the month visit while similar in some respects to earlier trips that I’ve reported on was a bit more bland…but I’ll get to that. 


For a change, I’m using a bullet point system to report rather than my usual narrative.  No reason other than to see how it works.


·      Using miles for a business class round trip, I learned that required me to travel on partner airlines (I’m Star Alliance).  Round trip booking:  United to Hong Kong, then Thai to Bangkok, and on the way home Thai to Taipei and then Eva to home. This mandated long layovers in Hong Kong and Taipei.



    Left San Francisco on 20 November.  United Polaris (i.e. business class)…my window seat has no access to the windows due to the design of the cubicle.  Doesn’t seem to matter as the windows were shut for the entire flight in the business cabin.


·      Arrive Hong Kong, no longer stamping passports, just get a sticker that is to be retuned when I depart (no one asked for it when I did depart).  Went to a nearby hotel and slept for six hours.


·      Checking in with Thai airways (the “partner” for the first flight to Bangkok on November 22nd, I am asked to sign a waiver removing Thai from any responsibility if I am not admitted to Thailand. (!)   I ask why and am told I don’t have enough space in my passport for the required “chops”  aka entry/exit stamps.  In my polite voice, I note that I have several blank pages and LEARN that these are not visa pages but endorsement pages…not the same thing.


·      This is now a concern…so I head to the Thai lounge and have some food and decide it’s up to fate.  Board plane for easy flight to Bangkok.


·      One of the first off of the plane, I enter the immigration area and am astounded to find there is no waiting, I walk up to a booth and hand in my passport.  I watch as the agent/officer pages through my passport but soon hear a satisfying sound as he stamps my passport.


·      Change $200 USD for THB at rate of 32.04…dollar down, trip will be more expensive.

·      Van, my friend and Hot Male veteran, is waiting as I exit customs.  The driver from Mike’s service is also there and we depart for Pattaya (car cost is 1,000 THB).


·      Arrive at the Poseidon just before noon.  The Junior suite I booked is ready and I check us in -  2,000 THB a night.


·      Van and I shower and spend some time in bed – I mostly sleeping.  Nice to be held while I sleep.  When we are both awake, we catch up:  Van is still working two jobs, garment worker during the day and Hot Male at night.  He gets three days a month off from each job, using those days from the garment job for this jaunt to Pattaya, he paid his off fee to Hot Male so he could meet me.  (yes, I will reimburse him but note he did not ask to be reimbursed…very possible he knew I’d take care of it…we do go back almost five years).


·      Agree on some signals that if I want to off someone, how he will know to make himself scarce or helpful.


·      Go for a walk to Dongtan to see how the reconstruction is going…it’s a Wednesday so the umbrella zones are having their day off.  Government has posted signs of what the area will look like (maybe) once it is finished…plan is to install lots of tress to replace the trees that were removed.


·      Light lunch at Sandbar…discuss plan once we get beyond “it’s up to you”.  Boyztown tonight, Sunnee tomorrow, and Jomtien Friday…though Jomtien is our “hood” so it with be a part of each night.


·      After dinner at Poseidon – one of the reasons I stay at this hotel, this is my fourth visit, is the food.  Van tells me his Thai dishes are excellent…I’ve never thought of Thai when choosing a meal there.


·      Head by Baht Bus to Boyztown, arrive at Oscar’s at 8:45 hoping for a BBB parade.  Not tonight…Boyztown looks quiet (it’s a Wednesday), only one Chinese tour group parades past while we’re there.  Panorama has lots of vacant seats.  Van and I split agreeing to meet up /check in at a certain point.  I check out Cupidol and Toyboys…nothing to add to what’s been reported recently.


·      BBB crowded but some seats, my favorite no longer there.  15% or more female audience.


·      Meet up with Van and we return to Jomtien and catch the Venture show – sit up close and  see how mechanical the staging appears to be.  So many dancers surround the lady boy diva, then switch to her other side and repeat the same moves. 


·      Leaving, and heading toward the hotel, Jomtien complex is in full swing, it might be a weekend night rather than a Wednesday midnight.  At the Venture end of the soi, in the vicinity of @Home and Your bar, it’s jam packed with boys and customers.  Boys seem to be mainly from Cambodia.  Check in with a few who tell me they remember me from my visit in May, don’t see the one guy I offed twice back then, so Van and I head back to the Poseidon.  The crowded sensation eases as we walk up (or is it down) the street toward the hotel, bars are busy, new ones are being constructed. 


·      Back at hotel, notice there are double glazed doors that have been shut to keep out the street  noise…or keep in any sounds the guests and their guest might make(?).  In our case, after some basic moves, I fall asleep with Van wrapped around me.


·      I only sleep a few hours, normal body response to jet lag.  I walk to beach and have breakfast at Sandbar.  Back to hotel, Van is getting up, he goes out to find some street food for breakfast (directly opposite hotel is the destination).


·      We head to Dongtan and claim some chairs and chill.  Van says he wants to get some sandals as he borrowed the one’s he brought for the trp.  He saw a shop on the way to the beach, I offer to go with him.


·      Once, I stand up on my now Dongtan massaged and beach pedicured feet, I sense something is off about my digestive system.  We get to the shop and I tell Van I need to head back to the hotel…he comes with me. 


·      Without going into detail, I spent the rest of Thursday in the room; mainly in the bathroom. For the first time in my life, I totally lost control of my bowels (sorry to be so clear).  I was a mess and things were a mess.


·      Van went out and brought back some Imodium, which over the next 24 hours would lowly sift control back to me.  No Sunnee, no dinner, no fun…glad my caretaker was present to worry for me and get the housekeeper to provide an extra cleanup and fresh linens.


·      To be continued








3 day La Fairy Sails Halong Bay

by admin @ Saigon Travel – Vietnam holiday, tailor-made & small group holidays Vietnam

Trip itinerary DAY 1 Hanoi – Halong Bay – Me Cung Cave – Dinner in Fairy Cave (Lunch/ Dinner) Morning: Passengers will be picked up at hotel near Hanoi Old Quarter around 8.00 am. Let’s get ready to enjoy a 3.5-hour-drive from Hanoi to Halong Bay. This is a long but interesting drive with beautiful […]

Trip Report with a bunch of other stuff thrown in.

by @ Gaythailand Forum

So I've been lurking around the forum for awhile but have never done a trip report. I'm in Bangkok for three months, so that seems a bit more than a "trip," having arrived here with Dear Husband on December 1st and planning to stay through the end of February.

I don't think I would recommend arriving at Swampy on December 1st. For much of this year, there were unbelivable sales to Asia from the North American west coast, with some round trip fares as low as $490, and that's Canadian dollars! DH and I got tickets on Korean Airlines (our favorite) round trip from Vancouver for $790.

The catch is that all the prices went up, doubled in fact, on December 1st. This means that two thirds of all the farang in the known universe traveled, as we did, right at the end of November, and with the dateline, every single one us arrived at Swampy at exactly midday on December 1st. There was a spherical cluster of at least 500 people waiting to get into the two hour snake line for "Visa on Arrival." Well, said DH and I, that's not OUR line, it couldn't be, he is Thai and I already have a two month visa, and besides, we are Princesses and just don't WANT to get in that line.

So we kept going past the globular cluster and on to another entry point. This one, it turns out, was for the airline crew. "No" said the smiling round faced young Thai man, "not here, but you can go to the next point" farther still down the hallway.

Now, many of you already know this, but it was news to me that way way way down the end of the line is an entry point for Priority Entry. Although the criteria for Priority Entry didn't specifically mention You Already Have a Visa, I said to myself that surely was an oversight, and this line with the fifteen minute wait must be exactly where I belong, because a) maybe already having a visa really DOES qualify me to be in this line and b) (much more likey) that girl behind the glass looks bored to tears and likely won't give a shit if I qualify or not. Just come into our damn country and let me get on to the next cheater.

And so it was. I Slipped through with people who flew business class and had nice little Priority tickets given them by airline staff, and with the pregnant women and the toddlers and the seventy year olds. Well, I'm almost seventy, 2 1/2 more years, so I should qualify for age too. Stamp stamp stamp, you've arrived -- the bored girl was probably dying for her next break. And no, she didn't give a shit.

Best of Saigon and Mekong Delta 3 Days

by admin @ Hynos Travel » Saigon

See the highlights of southern Vietnam during three days, including Ho Chi Minh City, the Mekong Delta and the Cu Chi Tunnels. Ride a boat to an island on the Mekong River from My Tho and visit Vinh Trang Pagoda, then finish with a trip to the underground war tunnels.

Skytrain fares rising slightly

by @ Gay Bangkok

From Khaosod English


BANGKOK — Commuters will soon have to shell out a few more baht every day to ride the BTS Skytrain.


Fares will rise by up to 3 baht on the Sukhumvit and Silom lines starting Oct. 1, Surapong Laoha-Unya, executive director of the Bangkok Mass Transit System Co. Ltd., announced Monday.


Fare increases will not affect stations along the extended Sukhumvit Line, from BTS On Nut to BTS Samrong.


Current fares of 15 baht to 42 baht will rise to 16 baht to 44 baht when the new schedule takes effect in just over a month. Traveling farther than seven stations will cost 44 baht instead of 42 baht.


The fare hike will also apply to 30-day cards, for both general riders and students: up 1 baht per trip. That means, per month, regular commuters will have to pay 1,300 baht for 50 trips, 1,080 baht for 40 trips, 725 baht for 25 trips and 465 baht for 15 trips.

Qatar starts Chiang Mai service

by @ Gay Thailand The Beer Bar

Excerpts from The Financial news site


The FINANCIAL -- Qatar Airways celebrated the launch of its fourth gateway into Thailand with its inaugural service to Chiang Mai, as Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, hosted a press conference today at the Shangri-La Hotel in Chiang Mai.


Following the arrival of QR822 on 13 December, the airline’s first flight to Chiang Mai, H.E. Mr. Al Baker discussed Qatar Airways’ ambitious expansion of its global route network. He also highlighted the airline’s commitment to generating tourist traffic to Chiang Mai.


Qatar Airways will operate four times-weekly service to Chiang Mai with an Airbus A330-200 aircraft, which features 24 seats in Business Class and 236 seats in Economy Class.


His Excellency Mr. Soonthorn Chaiyindeepum, the Thai Ambassador to Qatar, who joined the press conference, said: "We look forward to deepening those links with the opening of Qatar Airways’ fifth Thai gateway when flights to U-Tapao near Pattaya commence in January next year.



My first long trip to BKK with special thanks to people of this forum.

by @ Gaythailand Forum

Before I start, first I would like to thank you all for sharing your experience and views on this forum, this seems to be the blog everyone should read before coming to Thailand no matter how experience they are. I now feel so stupid not having done so before my travel but mistake corrected and now I do and therefore thought to share mine too.


Second, a very special thanks to DivineMadam and Vinapu, you guys seem to have lot and lot experience and thanks to all your posting and recommendations, not only I was able to correct my mistakes (details will follow later) but was able to enjoy the time after having, which I call not a healthy start.


Okay, now little background about my trip, last year I traveled to BKK with my friend from Singapore who kinda introduced me to Soi 4 and after bar hopping and having splendid time at DJ Station & GOD, I gathered some courage to offer one boy on my second night at Dream Boys, it was so so experience but not bad for a one-night fun. This all led me to plan my next trip and knowing my friends can’t spend so many days with me here in BKK we planned our itinerary as below.


Trip Date:

27th till 29th (3 nights of my own)

30th till 1st (me and my friend)

2nd till 4th (3 more nights of my own)



Saigon Sightseeing Tours by Jeep for Out-Eatings

Saigon Sightseeing Tours by Jeep for Out-Eatings

Vietnam Tours, Indochina Tours to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand

This Saigon Sightseeing Tours by Jeep for Out-Eatings gives you an experience to see Saigon by night and enjoy the local foods, drinks, coffee and communicate with people

16-Day Myanmar & Vietnam Family Tour

by Viet Long @ Vietnam Tours, Indochina Tours to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand

This Myanmar & Vietnam Family Tour For 16 Days takes you to visit best travel attraction of Yangon, Began, Mandalay & Inle cum Hoi An, Halong bay, Mekong Delta, Hanoi... Through this tour, your family takes a chance to experience typical cultures, traditions & lifestyles of its own country

The post 16-Day Myanmar & Vietnam Family Tour appeared first on Vietnam Tours, Indochina Tours to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand.

The democracy of food courts

by @ Gay Bangkok

Excerpts from GQ magazine


No one does shopping malls better than Bangkok. The city is a sprawling, multilayered metropolis of endless energy, with skyscrapers slapped on top of old shophouses and small alleyways that weave through the city blocks like sidewalk cracks. Yet even with all the stark differences that the city highlights, there is something universally Thai about heading to the mall.


Yet the nerve center of any Thai shopping mall is the food court. And while I’m sure there are people who will disagree with me, it turns out a lot of the mall food in Thailand is legitimately good, far better than the Sbarro and Hot Dog on a Stick you might find in America. You can pick anything from boat noodles and sukiyaki to chile-spiked spaghetti and deep-fried steak cutlets, all crammed together and accessible via escalator.


Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of Bangkok street food worth seeking out—like the places that serve fried oyster omelets in Chinatown, the noodle vendors who cook pad Thai over coal-powered wok stations in Old Bangkok, or the gentleman who has been hawking late-night grilled pork skewers in the go-go bar–filled Patpong district for two decades plus. (Whenever I ask him what his secret recipe is, he just points to his chest with a sly look and says, mak duay jai rak, “It’s been marinated with a loving heart.”)


As a Thai-American private school punk, those were my first loves, but I learned that even street food has limits. If you want to see how a majority of Bangkok’s citizens eat, go to a food court. Thai society is notoriously self-aware of social class—everything from clothes to restaurants to shopping habits are categorized as either hiso (high society) or loso (low society)—but the food court is the place where you’ll see a construction worker eating from the same kiosk as a business tycoon. The reason for this is actually pretty straightforward: Imagine you were a vendor who made spectacular seafood curry and sold it from a street cart daily. Maybe you hustle hard and at some point earn enough money to upgrade your operation. You pay the token rent at one of the smaller malls out in the outer boroughs of the city, and maybe accumulate enough name recognition to expand into another slightly larger mall down the road. Soon enough you’re expanding across the city. That’s the Thai dream right there.


Continues with photos

Dispatch from Pattaya

by @ Gaythailand Forum

After almost three decades of visiting Thailand this is the first time I have made it outside Bangkok.


So far, if I was forced into the artificial choice of "pick one only, Bangkok or Pattaya", I would pick Bangkok. Artificial, as they are two quite different flavors. Bangkok is sophisticated and urban to an international standard (in parts), Pattaya is laid-back beach party town.


However, so far, I prefer the gay scene in Bangkok over Pattaya.


This could just be the result of a lot of experience in Bangkok - good and bad - versus a single snapshot of Pattaya. From experience I know the scene is very changeable, so I plan to visit both in future and see if first impressions change. 


Within Pattaya, I like Jomtien but do not like Pattaya. Pattaya is too crowded to be my idea of a beach vacation. I am very happy to be staying in Jomtien.


I started this trip with a visit to XSize in Bangkok where I have had the best and the worst of my experiences. Start with a dice roll. Last time XSize had so few boys there was a crackdown on non-Thais, so I assume this is happening currently. So on to Dreamboys where one of the boys was discretely eyeing me. My experience is that discrete attention is often a better sign than very overt attention grabbing. Asked the mamasan's opinion and got a very positive response, so asked him over. Very charming guy. Then he asks for 4000Bt long time. A little surprising as the bar is busy but not crowded and while I think he is attractive I am not sure he will ring the bell for everyone. However, at least he is up-front and he is the one I like, so we settle for 3500Bt. 


I ask him if he is hungry and he is, so ask him to pick a restaurant and he picks a good Thai place and, when I ask, selects the food. After the initial 'up to you' he can make decisions. I like that. Over dinner he tells me he only works when he needs to raise funds for his studies. That is why he is very direct about what he needs. Good for him.


We go to Jupiter2018 as it was not open last time I was in Bangkok and I am keen to see it. We arrive after the show. Modest crowd. Excellent female vocalist performing. About 8 boys 'backing' her look like commuters hoping to catch the attention of the next taxi rather than cold fashion models. I feel a little sorry for them. Each is very attractive and I think if these are the guys that are left, the ones that have gone must have been stellar. Another visit is in order.


I like this guy and we have agreed to meet when I return to Bangkok. (Yes, there is a gap in the narrative here, fill it in with whatever makes you happy and want to meet a guy again).


TheLimoPattaya collect me the next day. They are very good - thanks for the recommendation. I check into the condo in Jomtien, get a bite to eat watching the sunset by the beach and then jet lag kicks in brutally and ends the day.


Rise early, swim a few lengths in the pool and them walk as far as I can by the beach around the headland towards Pattaya until the path ends and I am forced to take to the roads. The beaches around the headland are gorgeous with multiple rows of shade trees, no traffic and fewer people. Pattaya is an ugly shock. Crowds, traffic, narrow beach, far fewer shade trees. I pass through Boystown to familiarize myself, walk as far as the Hilton and have a caprina at the roof bar. From this elevation Pattaya looks wonderful. if only I didn't have to go back down to ground level. 


In the evening after a nap and more laps in the pool back in Jomtien, I head to Boystown arriving around 9.40pm. Cupidol is the first stop, Five boys and me staring at each other. One has a sense of humor about it. Mamasan says come back later, some boys running late. 


I cross over to BoysBoysBoys. One guy is stunning, a couple not for me although I can see why others will like them and the rest, the vast majority, are so far outside my taste range they are U3C - Unfortunate Third Category. This never happens. I am very selective - my friends tease me mercilessly about it - but this high a proportion is rare. Now I wonder if the stunning guy is really a diamond or, by association, must be zirconium. He was checking me out discretely, a good sign, but no need to find out now, I want to explore all the bars on this first visit and what I find is more cases of me staring at five guys, or only finding two guys (Dream Boys) or a further disproportionate U3C representation (XBoys and one other place).


The show at XBoys had my hopes up but when it ended the performers I liked were nowhere to be seen. So back to BBB and there they were! A traveling troupe. The next part of the BBB show featured the stunning guy. We talked when he came round collecting tips after the act and he was a very sweet guy. It was an amusing conversation. He was a little wary of what two tops would do, possibly he has encountered a few overly insistent customers, but we cleared that up. I returned to Jomtien pillion on his motorbike, a new and very nice acquisition of which he was proud and consequently drove very carefully (also my impression is that he is a very reliable guy). None-the-less as I went up the Jomtien hill at some speed sans crash helmet it crossed my mind that it would make for an interesting obituary. 


And now another discreet gap in the narrative for you to fill with your own happy thoughts.












by @ Gay Romeo, Grinder and Other Hookup Sites

Profile Name: Nein1234

Profile Number
Is this the Guys First Review? Yes
Location: Pattaya
Age: 18
Weight: 50 Kilos
Body Type: Slim and very smooth
Dick Size: Medium
Sexual Position: Bottomed for me
Tattoos: 1 tiny
Did they live up to your expectations? Yes,

Did he look like the photos you saw Online? Yes
Is he a "working boy" or just a hookup? GR only
Were they affectionate/passionate? Yes,
Were they on time? 10 minutes late because of the rain but he called me to let me know where he was
Would you meet them again? Yes,
On a Scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest, what would you rate them? 4

I met this boy as he is a friend of Surachet.  A good kisser and although not an active bottom he was happy to take a good hard pounding. Prefers to be on his hands and knees Gave a good long blowjob. Fairly new on the GR scene and works p/t in a restaurant

4 day Cycling Trip Vietnam Saigon – Cat Tien National Park – Dalat – Nha Trang

by admin @ Saigon Travel – Vietnam holiday, tailor-made & small group holidays Vietnam

Trip code: SGNT4d Trip price from: $us 670 Duration: 4 days 3 nights Departure: Saigon. Cycling trip Vietnam Saigon Cat Tien National Park – Dalat – Nha Trang with great downhill to the coast of Nha Trang. This Cycling trip Vietnam is designed for those who have budget time but want to discover Vietnam by […]

10 Best Tours in Ho Chi Minh City - Ho Chi Minh City Most Popular Tours

10 Best Tours in Ho Chi Minh City - Ho Chi Minh City Most Popular Tours

This selection of the best Ho Chi Minh City tours caters to those looking to spice up their holiday with interesting activities and excursions to the city’s most prominent sites. Formerly Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City houses classic French architecture, and sleek skyscrapers as well as ornate temples

Condemnation of "disgusting farangs" in this Land of Smiles...

by @ Gaythailand Forum

It is so heart warming to read the condemnations of these stupid farangs who exposed their butts in a temple, and how they deserve lashes and other punishment for their crime...   Crime?


It just came to my attention an episode in the news that confirms that not all is smiles in this land:


"Thai cadet’s death, organ removal spark debate on military’s hazing culture"


"When the parents could receive the corpse of their 18-year-old son, he lacked brain, heart, stomach and bladder. Now they demand clarification. The death of the cadet sheds light on brutal practices in the Thai military"


One can google articles about this incident everywhere.


With the smiles of the money boys and other nice Thais we cross everywhere it is easy to forget that there is a repressive regime in place. To give lashes to some immature tourists who exposed their butts in a temple? Is this so different from the case of the American tourist in N. Korea who was caught removing a political pamphlet and thrown in jail which caused his death?  I rather choose to live in a country with good individual rights. 

Thien Hau Temple

by Thái Sơn Phan @ Hynos Travel » Saigon

Thien Hau Temple is a Chinese style temple located on Nguyễn Trãi Street in the Cho Lon, District 5 of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It is dedicated to Thiên Hậu, the Lady of the Sea, who is also known as "Mazu".

Should I Visit Cuba?

by Gemma Music @ Days to Come

Cuba is a country where you can expect the unexpected. Even for the most seasoned traveller, this Caribbean nation is sure to impress. In a country where vintage cars, Cuban cigars and live music rule the streets; it’s time to find out if you should travel to Cuba. Capital Havana Official Language Spanish Currency Cuban peso Population 11.5 million (2016) What type of traveller is Cuba suited for? Are you a fan of exploring destinations filled with history and charm? Do you enjoy white sand beaches and blue-hued waters? How about vintage cars, pastel buildings and 50s style architecture? Do you

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11 day Vietnam – Cambodia holiday Packages

by admin @ Saigon Travel – Vietnam holiday, tailor-made & small group holidays Vietnam

Trip itinerary Day 1: Arrival Ha Noi Arrival in Hanoi. We welcome you at the airport and transfer you to hotel. After check in the hotel, our guide takes you to visit some famous places in Hanoi. You will start the tour by visiting Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Ho Chi Minh Museum. Enjoy the architectural and historical aspects of […]

September/October Holiday

by @ Gaythailand Forum

Starting my third week of 4 today nothing much to report really just same old, same old combination of happy ending massages and sauna visits.

There have been rainy days sunny days and dull days but in the whole not so bad considering it's still monsoon season.

I had a couple of days in Bangkok but didn't stay in Si Lom I stayed the in Sukhumvit area near to Ekkamai MRT Station so no gay scene around that area.

I took the Skytrain to Surasak and spent an afternoon at Heaven Sauna it was quite busy with many middle aged overweight Asian guys and me as the only Farang but around 5.00pm a nice 31 year old black Australian guy turned up looking for a sponsor so I invested 1000 baht and had an hour or so of fun. (BTW it's not true that ALL black guys have big cocks this guy was smaller than me) lol

I haven't really found the bar scene very interesting this trip I've been in Sunee Plaza a few times but it's really quiet at the moment and I hate walking into an empty bar.

Best massages this trip at Blue Angel Massage and Fah Massage.

BKK 2018 visit plan

by @ Gaythailand Forum

Hey guys, it has been way too long since my last visit to BKK!
Now that I have setteled into parenthood, I feel again the need to visit my favourite city in the world. My partner and I have a new agreement in which I am entitled for 2 solo sex trips a year. After returning last week from Barcelona I am now planning my next one, preferably to BKK.

I have for this a long weekend which I will dedicate fully to BKK. Trip goals are circuit parties and sex. My question for those experienced in sex and party BKK travel: which is better, White Party or Songkran? Any thoughts or advice? I know it is a little early for this but I need to start planning if I am going for new year's evening. Having a baby (which is great! BTW haha) makes planning more difficult.

Off topic - Sauna Thermas in Barcelona is rentboy heaven. I have never seen or been in such a place. For 50 euros short time you get to fuck muscle gods that resemble or even better than those in Tawan. And, in my opinion, they are way more sexual. Highly recommended!

Tourist-friendly gyms in BKK & Pattaya

by @ Gaythailand Forum

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone has any info about gyms that are "tourist friendly" i.e. provide short term memberships or even per entry payments.

While hotels/condos normally have a small gym, the equipments are often lacking. So, I was hoping to find a properly equipped gyms in BKK and Pattaya that I can frequent during my usual short trips there.

Thanks in advance for any info you guys can share. :-)

5 day Biking Tour Vietnam Dalat – Central Highlands – Ho Chi Minh Trail – Hoi An

by admin @ Saigon Travel – Vietnam holiday, tailor-made & small group holidays Vietnam

Vietnam holidays to experience the real Vietnam by bicycle with 5 day biking tour Vietnam Dalat – Central Highlands – Ho Chi Minh Trail – Hoi An (Dalat – Lak Lake – Buon Me Thuot – Kon Tum – Kham Duc – Hoi An) Trip itinerary Day 1: Dalat – Lak Lake Commence your biking […]

News from Chiang Mai

by @ Gaythailand Forum

Been here 3 months now and visited a few more places.


House of Male - the gay sauna - went there on a mid afternoon Sunday - the front of the place looked like a water drilling site - about 6 customers whilst I was there - one other westerner, a Chinese guy and the rest were middle aged Thai.  Lockers was relatively secure with key plus additional padlock and key - didn't appear to be that dirty or grubby as some other reviews had commented -  2 staff on duty.  Stayed about an hour which was 40 minutes too long.  Maybe it was just the day but it was place that I won't be rushing back to.


Classic House Massage  - good location not far from Thapae Gate -  always friendly and a range of guys mainly of the well built type.  I had an acceptable massage from a beefy guy but the ending was only ordinary,  Massage done on a floor mat with shower in a separate room.  One plus is that you get to see the wonderful Non and Woody if you visit there.


Marnmai Massage - located in small shop in the Chang Phuak area - a tuk tuk ride from Thapae Gate - nicely appointed place - massage table and shower in the room - mirror at the head of the bed.  A total fee including the tip is paid prior to the massage.  You pay for an hour and a half but there seems to be a rush to have things over and done within an hour.  Guess if you are firm about it you will get your full time.  Went 2 times the second guy was an absolute dream ( forgot his name!!!) Khun Noom is also there - haven't had the pleasure yet but spoke to him and he is very personable  -  he is a very well built man who has received good reviews about his massage skills - next time!!!


Common Massage -  in the Santitham area near Chang Phuak - small shop front - about 5 boys offered from IPAD photos - selected one and paid upfront including the tip - then passed through   another room where there must have been 15 + guys sitting around - so not sure how the 5 were selected.  Nice room, massage table - separate shower room.  Massage was acceptable but the ending had to have been the most sensual and exhilarating experience I have had in a long time.  Will be returning.


Orion Bar - always a few customers at Orion especially with its new location - friendly place for a game of pool and plenty of drinks - lots of people watching from this location - lots of fun and laughs


Secrets Bar - have made a couple more visits to this bar but only ever one or 2 customers in the times I visited.


Station One - In the building on the opposite side of the road to the Kalare Night Market - walk through to the back.  Nice open bar space - well appointed tables and chairs - friendly -  always plenty of boys to sit with or play pool


Ram Bar - yet to get there


Adams Apple - yet to make it there


Favourite water hole - El Patio in Nimman - Spanish food, wine by the glass or bottle, Blues music on a Friday night - great version of Nadine -  and 2 of the nicest wait staff ever

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

by Thái Sơn Phan @ Hynos Travel » Saigon

Commonly known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is a city in southern Vietnam famous for the pivotal role it played in the Vietnam War. It's also known for its French colonial architecture, including Notre-Dame Basilica, made entirely of materials imported from France, and the neoclassical Saigon Central Post Office.

Farang food pricing spat

by @ Gay Thailand The Beer Bar

From Coconuts Bangkok


A viral Facebook post from a Thai woman who paid THB150 ($US4.7) for street food became the talk of town when the vendor admitted she overcharged the woman because the waiter mistook her for a Chinese tourist.


On Monday, Suthaporn Lee said she had a dish of pad kaprow moo grob (stir-fried pork belly with holy basil) at a pop-up stall at Neon Market, but she was charged THB150 for a dish that typically costs THB35-50 (about US$1-1.50) on the Bangkok streets.


The Neon Market is in Pratunam, an area popular among Chinese tourists.


But when reporters from Amarin TV went to the market yesterday and inquired about the situation with the stall’s owner, she admitted that THB150 is a farang price, and overcharging the Thai woman was a mistake.


Vendor Manee Maitree said that her waiter simply wrote down the price wrong because Suthaporn “looked Chinese.”


“She told me that there’s a Thai price, and the numbers on the menu are farang prices,” Worapan Khunthongchan, a Thai customer, told the TV station.


9 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Marrakech

by Julie Faye Germansky @ Days to Come

Although Marrakech isn’t the capital of Morocco, the allure of this bustling city never fails to attract many visitors from around the world. Marrakech is a must-visit destination for travellers seeking out a quintessential Moroccan experience with a whole lot of surprises. If you’re yet to find out what the hype about Marrakech is after seeing endless images on your social feeds, heard stories from a friend-of-a-friend who visited or are simply out of the loop on just how magical Marrakech is, you’ll quickly find reasons to love it too. Here are 9 reasons why everyone loves Marrakech (so prepare

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Recent trip

by @ Gaythailand Forum

A short and sweet update of a recent trip. Short on time and typing skills.


Two nights in Bangkok.


The banana bar I enjoy for cheap drinks and good interaction. Took a staff member from there on the first night as felt too tired to look much further. pretty enough lad with a reasonable effort made but not to be repeated. was a Saturday and looked relatively slow.


Second night took a boy form hotmale. A thai gogo dancer in black briefs. was a super cute adorable young man who could dance exceptionally. A pleasant time worth repeating.


looked in Jupiter. not so model looking to me - dark not light lads. unlike some report i was getting interaction from some with take me off gestures.


Babylon  on both days - always enjoyable and always good encounters. I appreciate the fact that what you get there are Asians who genuinely like you, albeit the go go boys can do an admirable job at making you believe this.


Pattaya - took a Bangkok taxi down but a Mikes taxi back.

Mikes taxi was very good and 1200 including tolls.


Pattaya - Toyboys is usually my favourite but I found them listless. went to cupidol and the lads were much more engaging. took a beautiful boy who turned out to be a superstar to me. had him 3 days and nights. Also took him Nab with excess whiskey drunk but great fun. 4.30am finish is damn late for me.


Had a massage boy in Jomtiem complex - slim boy who surprised me with his equipment and enthusiasm. not often do they of own choosing shallow...enough said.


Jomtiem complex busy but for my liking I find the boys a bit rough as an off - i tend to go for the pale and pretty look but not always..however i enjoy the place for drinks. always have good experiences with experienced handsome go go's. walked through on bingo night and appeared popular. for retirees i see the joy in regular less intense evenings.


pooped into sunnee to look. a few punters but not much. obligatory sleaze at goodboys.


tips - I will not say as I am always far too generous. i know the rates but somehow i always end up giving considerably more. i am fine with that as I am not retiree on a fixed income. i always give the correct tip in one hand and the extra as 'I like you" in the other to make clear it is an act of generosity as opposed to stupidity. next time i think i'll ask what they want as undoubtedly it will be less than i give.


 overall 12 encounter in 6 days leaves me knackered and ready for rapid sleep on my return flight.


Semi-regular Police Twilight crack down?

by @ Gaythailand Forum

This question wouldn't have to be asked if PaulSF was on duty at HM Bar...but he decided it was time to take a sabbatical in the USA.  This is a topic close to his heart and I'm sure is being kept informed and hopefully will comment.


I had a message from my Vietnamese friend, Van (see trip reports)..I asked if business had been good during the high season and his reply was that the police were active in Twilight and he'd been off work for the past three days while the police were around.


This seems to happen regularly  and is usually directed toward non-Thai bar and go-go "artists".


Update with current information...



paying off fees for boys but only taking them out for drinks

by @ Gaythailand Forum

I feel this deserves its own topic in the forum.

For those of you who have paid off fees for a few boys but only took them out for drinks instead of sex, could you share with us your experiences? What are factors that determine your choices? How many boys? Which bars do you take them to? What drinks do you order and what do you chat about? How long is the drinking session? Finally, how much do you tip the boys?

After i found out that some customers do this, i am tempted to try it on next trip next year.

Tao Dan Park in Saigon

by Thái Sơn Phan @ Hynos Travel » Saigon

Tao Dan Park is located in District 1 near the center of Ho Chi Minh City, about a 14-minute drive from Tan Son Nhat International Airport. It’s open 24 hours a day and free for all to visit.

Trip report to Bangkok

by @ Gaythailand Forum

Ok guys, you were kind enough to advise and support so here goes with my trip report so far.. Still a few more days in BKK, so I am hoping (really hoping) this report will develop.


So I arrived Swampy a few days ago from a much less sanitary country with high hopes and plans, and *drum-roll* - I ended up with food-poisoning. A few days were therefore spent in bed attending to, ahem - other needs.


Yesterday, I started to get more energized and after much procrastination i marched out of the hotel with a plan to get my first proper massage. You have to know this about me - I am a planner... I like to know the steps, people involved, what to expect etc. This is a new scenario with an significant level of unknowns, which makes me extremely uncomfortable. But this was the day, so I skipped away towards Silom.


I know there are mixed reviews, but the level of praise from some members here drove me to choose Senso. I know I talked about a discrete place, but right now I just wanted something easy and convenient - and the guys on their webpage looked hoooot.


Heart pounding, I marched into Senso - and completely unprepared I think my entire body language screamed newcomer when I stumbled into a room of 10-15 guys with absolutely no clue what to do or where to stay/sit. I tried the sacred "pick the guy who is smiling", but no-one really made that big impact, so I choose a spectacular guy (toned, dark and pretty hung), and we got going.


Massage was pretty sad, and it was obvious that the guy was tired. I did enjoy the fact that he pushed his assets towards me as much as possible, but everything else was pretty half-hearted. When I turned around, I was hoping to describe fireworks and cheerleaders but nope.. Total dud...


I was hoping to just follow his lead, but he was tired. Some kissing, some caressing, a really tired attempt to blow but more than anything he had looong pauses looking extremely uninterested. I groped, fondled and he tried as hard as he could as well but at a max 30 seconds of hard-on with a faked ending. Even I did not end, which has never happened to me before - but the extremely awkward situation of lying with a person who clearly wanted to be done today was really a turn-off. Partly my mistake - I was probably an unsure sack of potatoes that did not really inspire, but still too bad. Minimum tip + massage fee handed over to many solly solly's, and I left Senso horny and unfinished.


Thankfully, I am laughing of the situation - and while an expensive training session - it was still a new experience, and have not deterred me from trying again. Next time I just hope I will get more than a yawn on my shoulder

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